Jonas Boutani Werner, 36, Männlich, Schweden
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SakariasAtlanten 25. Apr., 21:59
DanteNext To You 25. Apr., 21:56
Willie NelsonYou Were Always On My Mind 23. Apr., 11:15
Stevie WonderAnother Star 20. Apr., 11:35
TingsekSix Years (feat. Pauline) 20. Apr., 11:31
SjukstuganZig Zag 20. Apr., 11:27
NäääkVi Är Kvar Här - Remix 20. Apr., 11:23
Stanza MazeFlow River 20. Apr., 11:12
JaylibThe Red 20. Apr., 11:08
Big BoiShutterbugg 20. Apr., 11:05
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Über mich

DRK: If I could afford it I would drink a lot less beer and a lot more LIT:s
USA: Never been there, really wanna go.
COL: It has been green for a while now, so it is probably changeing. I am generally in a revival kind of mood. Going back too my roots so to say. Colorwize that means blue.
COF: the one where they put unwhipped cream into a esspresso. Then I put lot's of sugar in it. Can't remember what it is called.
SCH: the KaosPilots (, Stockholm University, Södertörn University College
HOM: Stockholm
HUM: Bill Hicks is the funniest person on earth. And as long as I have his shows on my computer he still is. But yes, they killed him, just like Ghandi, just like Lennon, just like Palme. You fucks!
MUM: Birgitta
DAD: Samir
SIS: Nadia
NEP: Dexter
COU: Denmark (Live in), Sweden (Born&raised), NZ (lived for a year), Lebanon (Favourite), Iraq (my dad was born in), The Netherlands (most visited in the last year), Lithuania (planned visit)
CTY: Stockholm, Paris, Beirut, Berlin, Hamburg, Havanna, Istanbul, Mostar, Belgrade (Loved them all, wanna go back)
MGZ: Public Service, Atlas, VICE (only because it is free), Svensson, Gringo, Mosqito (there are feminists in Denmark too), Arena
SPT: Rock Climbing, Volleyball, Soccer, Ghost-ball,
AUT: Michelle Houellebecq
BOO: Atomized (By the guy above)
POL: Left-something. I am currently on the look out for visionaries. Found one? - Call me!
CLO: Generally I don't wear enough, or buy enough for that matter. (When you don't have money, shopping seems utterly important to your personal development.)
CHO: It used to be the white Ritter Sport with whole hazlenuts in it. But recently I found Amaretti... ah

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