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Skyrocket LoveNovacaine 22. Feb. 2010
Skyrocket LoveSafe In My Dreams 22. Feb. 2010
Skyrocket LoveSave the World 22. Feb. 2010
Taylor SwiftLove Story (Int'l Radio Mix) Lieblingslied 27. Jun. 2009
Brooke FraserAlbertine Lieblingslied 3. Apr. 2009
Brooke FraserDeciphering Me 24. Mär. 2009
Meredith BrooksBitch 24. Mär. 2009
ColdplayViolet Hill Lieblingslied 24. Mär. 2009
Brooke FraserAlbertine Lieblingslied 24. Mär. 2009
DidoMary's in India 24. Mär. 2009
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Über mich

Kia ora!
I'm all the way from Aotearoa, at the bottom of the world (or top, as we like to think of it!)
I love music (why else would I be on this site? lol!)
My favourite bands are Metro Station and Evanescence
At the moment I have two favourite songs: Forever Young, by Alphaville and Starlight, by Muse. They both rock!
I also love Twilight, the Mortal Instruments and the Hunger Games.
Please check out my group, for anyone who likes Jacob or the wolves from Twilight!!!

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