2007 Shuffle Survey


12. Jan. 2007, 18:55

Want to know what the new year will bring? Just pull up iTunes or whatever other music player you use, ask it your question, and put it on shuffle to get an answer.

01. Health in the new year? Starman

02. Academic success in the new year? Diamonds And Guns

03. Financial success in the new year? It Wasn't Enough

04. Friendships in the new year? In Stereo

05. Love in the new year? Intergalactic

06. High of the new year? Bounce

07. Low of the new year? Layla

08. Spring prediction? P5hng Me A*wy

09. Summer prediction? Changes

10. Fall prediction? If You Were My Girl

11. Winter prediction? King Of The Road

12. In 2007, always remember: I Want It That Way


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