Is it wrong?


26. Jan. 2006, 22:22

Is it wrong for someone who enjoys listening to bands like; Descendents, The Peacocks,Big D And The Kids Table, Against All Authority, The Dead Pets, Leftöver Crack, Captain Everything!, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Snuff and Link 80 to enjoy ?

I guess I got first introduced to Japanese music and the Japanese culture through videogames. I've grown up with videogames and it's always been a huge interest of mine. I was even going to do a Games Design/Programming course at Uni, even got accepted into two Uni Games courses. I backed out at the last minute to do a more 'practical' course at UWE (Bristol).

As most gamers know; sound is just as important as the graphics. Whether you're playing on an Xbox 360 or a gameboy - sound is always going to be a major aspect during development and to the end product.

Composers like Koji Kondo, Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu bring videogames to life. Riding on Epona with the Hyrule Field theme blasting out really bought you into the Zelda world. What about American and other composers I hear you say? I'm not going to talk about theme since this journal is about jpop and my introduction to it.

Apart from the films, games, manga and ladies. I also enjoy anime. From animes like FMA to Rurouni Kenshin; I love the music featured in them. Start & End themes especially. My favourites include: Kesenai Tsumi, Sakura Saku, Tank! and Sobakasu.

Like many young boys I got curious and wondered if I'd like other songs from the artists that did my favourite anime themes. Turns out I did. Then I got curious some more and explored 'non-anime' artists. Yep! I enjoy them too.

Now I'm listening to the likes of;

ayumi hamasaki, ai otsuka, 北出菜奈, 安室奈美恵, 上戸彩, 松浦亜弥, L'Arc~en~Ciel andSowelu

Most of the bands at the beginning are or were 'poor DIY' bands and are "to good to sell-out"1. I've seen most of them live too. I don't expect a band to have video, nor to I expect a live show to cost more than £20 (unless it's a festival).

To Good

Now jpop is at the other end of the spectrum. The artist are huge, make lots of money, shows sell out in minutes and they have big budget videos. Very much like the UK and US pop scene (which I hate). The only difference is I like the music (and even some of the videos). I'd also love to attend a Ayumi concert too..

I can't put my finger on my I like jpop so much. Maybe it's because I find the whole Japanese/Asian culture so interesting and intriguing. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's better than other cultures. Meh, who knows. Guess some might find it odd I like the two. Luckily there are no set rules for music.

Thanks for reading my poorly written first journal, at least it wasn’t a list ‘ay!


  • Black-Mage

    well I like Japanese Music also but just a few themes, and I don't think it's wrong that you like J-POP, I like ska music but also classical music (it's even better that reggae when you are stoned xD) and some people think that this is weird and I don't really care, I enjoy music not because it's IN, I just hear music that I like

    27. Jan. 2006, 1:09
  • BakaHirata

    Nothing wrong with it at all if you ask me. Variety is a very good thing to have. =D I listen to a lot of jpop (primarily what I listen to), but I also listen to a lot of other stuff, like ska (which I see you're a fan of too!). Love for the Japanese/Asian culture would probably be the biggest reason for listening to jpop actively, but I find that the overall quality of the music is just greater (compared to US pop, which I also agree sucks). By the way, not all Japanese music is the overmarketed, prepackaged stuff you're used to. You should check out some of their underground music, which is an absolutely fascinating scene, but that's another subject entirely.

    27. Jan. 2006, 1:37
  • SkaTrancePunk

    I listen to ska and punk. And Trance. LOTS. AND LOTS. OR TRANCE.

    27. Jan. 2006, 7:36
  • bmxgamer

    [quote]By the way, not all Japanese music is the overmarketed, prepackaged stuff you're used to. You should check out some of their underground music, which is an absolutely fascinating scene, but that's another subject entirely.[/quote] True. I'm hoping overtime, I discover bands in the underground scene. Just need to be pointed in the right direction. The only non-jpop band I've got from Japan is Bomb Factory. [quote]If you like it, then listen to it. If it makes you feel better call it your guilty pleasure artist or something[/quote] I'm not ashamed or anything. One of my guilty pleasures is forcing my friends to listen to jpop when they come over. :)

    27. Jan. 2006, 11:10
  • Kerensky97

    I'm the exact same way with my music. I've been listening to punk/ska music for years and was always anti-establishment and hated MTV and everything else that has corrupted music. Then a few years ago thanks to Anime I listened to a few JPop groups that kind of stuck in the back of my music collection. Now thanks to I’ve expanded the amount of Japanese music I listen to so much that it’s probably the second biggest genre of music I listen to besides Punk and Ska; which is ironic since it’s different in so many ways. I’ve found that for me the JPop is more for relaxing or chilling out and the punk music is for getting fired up and going, although there are some Japanese bands that bridge the gap (and JPop dance tunes rule for music to run to a the gym). Plus I’ve always found Japanese culture interesting because it’s so different, so maybe that’s another reason I listen. It’s an odd combination but everybody has their guilty pleasures music that none of their peers listen too.

    28. Jan. 2006, 0:31
  • ropedancer

    I think that variety is a good thing. Why limit yourself to one type of music (pop, rock, classical, etc.) or one country's music (Japan, China, USA...) when you can listen to a wide variety of music and expirence so many different styles? There's nothing wrong with expanding your horizons!

    28. Jan. 2006, 16:19
  • Kakeru

    It's never wrong to love Ayu. NEVER. Haha kidding aside, I do believe that variety is a good thing. ;)

    29. Jan. 2006, 4:45
  • Hollerama

    There's nothing wrong with listening to Ayaya or Ai Otsuka or anything...they're just cute o.O

    29. Jan. 2006, 19:14
  • myskers

    I think that Ayu first got me interested in JPop in a significant way. It was one of those times when I REALLY needed a new sound, so a friend passed her name to me. Her music was a fresh experience, and her music videos were beautiful; very artistic and talented with some very nice cinematography (she's obviously a fine actress). That's a huge leap above what you see from stuff out of the states, which is largely junk that relies solely on T&A. The music lead to watching the videos, the videos impressed me and from there I began looking at other artists, who generally exhibited the same traits: Artistry, talent, and a nice fresh sound. What's good is good. Top all of that with the fact that I can't understand the vast majority of what they're saying, and all that I'm left with is the talent of the muscian (and their band) and their interesting / entertaining videos. It's a win/win situation. :)

    2. Feb. 2006, 5:43
  • monas

    I think the 'not understanding the lyrics' is an important factor. I'm sure there are a few songs I see in a different light due to their lyrics. I've never been a fan of sickly sweet lyrics, and other lyrical themes can just make me switch off. Jpop singers could be singing the same thing, but I wouldn't notice. Also they may me huge stars in Japan, but here they're not. It means you saved the celebrity/pop overkill in your day-to-day life. You won't see them on the TV hocking their new single/album/tour, they won't be on constant rotation on the radio. The music will feel fresher, less like it's been crammed in you head by force. Oh yeah - Make mine another vote in the favour of variety :)

    2. Feb. 2006, 22:47
  • chickrocksteady

    i like all of those bands you mentioned, and i know alot of people who listen to j-pop. i, however, can't stand it ): im not quite sure why, but i guess it just rubs me up the wrong way ;P but is it wrong? naaaaaah!

    3. Feb. 2006, 2:29
  • GiraffeCat

    I used to be a big fan of JPop and JRock as well. I guess there was just something fresh and interesting about it, and after hearing a couple of catchy songs, I just had to binge on it. That was about 4 years ago, though, and while I can still listen to those tracks that used to be my favourites, as well as those songs that are uniquely Japanese, a lot of it tends to grate on me, or is just too similar to western pop to be that interesting. I've discovered a lot of alternative/underground Japanese artists, though, and since you said you were interested in hearing some, I thought I'd give you a few recommendations: Guitar Vader (Alternative rock. Most famous for Magical Girl on the Jet Set Radio soundtrack, and their album stuff is just as strong.) Cibo Matto (Trip-Hop. Made famous by an appearance on Buffy, lead vocalist Miho Hatori later contributed to Gorillaz) POLYSICS (Electro-Punk. Sometimes a little too chaotic, but mostly catchy, and always uniquely Japanese) 800 Cherries (Acoustic pop. Not too well known at all) Cornelius (The king of Shibuya-Kei. Hasn't released a new album for ages, but his old stuff is superb) Takako Minekawa (Wife of the above, and has a distinctive electronic/pop sound) Shena Ringo (Probably quite easily classed as JRock, but there's something unusual about her songwriting and her ecclectic clash of styles that sets her apart) The Mad Capsule Markets (Thrash Metal, with electronic and Drum 'n' Bass influences. Not the kind of music I'm normally into, but I can't help liking them) I hope that's some help. There's a lot more, obviously, but those are some of my favourites.

    12. Feb. 2006, 16:40
  • bmxgamer

    Thanks for the recommendations GiraffeCat, I'll try and check them out sometime.

    12. Feb. 2006, 17:05
  • bmxgamer

    Yeah I do, feel free to post some bands that are worth checking out.

    13. Feb. 2006, 9:57
  • sk8rmarky

    ha, nice journal 'lard. Listening to J-pop For you is like me listening to OI!. I get called a music nazi all the time but as well as all our roots music like nofx n pennywise and that... i listen to Oi! and J-pop, a bit of reggae and blues. Well, music bitching aside... i love the part where you said: Like many young boys I got curious So true. By the way, your spelling, punctuation and grammar was very good, i was surprised! haha.

    24. Feb. 2006, 19:05
  • Promethius

    布袋寅泰..Koichi Hayakawa..they ahve the coolest guitar tracks from the japenese rocks!!

    23. Mär. 2006, 14:18
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