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Hugo MaldoroI know a little Cuban 21. Jun., 6:16
The DoorsLove Me Two Times 18. Jun., 20:04
The DoorsThe End (From Apocalypse Now) 18. Jun., 19:57
The DoorsRoadhouse Blues (live) 18. Jun., 19:51
The DoorsTouch Me 18. Jun., 19:48
The DoorsThe Ghost Song 18. Jun., 19:44
The DoorsLove Her Madly 18. Jun., 19:40
The DoorsRiders on the Storm Lieblingslied 18. Jun., 19:33
The DoorsLight My Fire 18. Jun., 19:26
The DoorsPeople Are Strange 18. Jun., 19:24
The DoorsBreak on Through (to the Other Side) 18. Jun., 19:21
The DoorsL.A. Woman 18. Jun., 19:14
The DoorsHello, I Love You 18. Jun., 19:11
The DoorsLight My Fire 18. Jun., 19:03
The DoorsHello, I Love You 18. Jun., 18:55
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Still fight! No fear!
Fuck the system!

Take a look to this please:


Welcome to my profile.
Born in the Czech Republic, living in the London, planing to move when the time comes. I think I'm funny, open minded person, honest and reliable, but I leave that to you to decide.. I like people with values, open mind, honor and willpower to change the world. I do love the freedom and will fight for it until the last breath. Focused to travel to escape from the government shackles. ACapoeira is love of my life and the path to follow. In free time I'm looking for happiness in simple things and trying to spread it to people around me.

Stay strong brothers and sisters!
When the dark age of cruelty, money and hatred pass, there will be a sunrise again. And only the pure people will stay to enjoy its warm in the dawn of the new world.
Thank you for reading my info!

Wish you happiness wherever you are.

This is where our children will live?

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