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Über mich

I'm consumed by music in all ways.Im drawn toward all forms of black metal ..national socialistic , depressive , industrial , atmospheric , funeral doom , even some darkened speed core lol.
I play guitar and drums and seem to be drawn toward one man extreme recluse black metal bands like xasthur and coldworld.
I'm of Finnish decent but was born and have lived my entire life in new zealand which, to the world looks beautiful and pristine form the outside but is really a violent , cold , herd mentality, conformist country that i cant wait to leave
I have aspirations of creating music in all my desired genre's and making vomit gore video's to accompany them.
industrial - funeral doom - ambient - atmospheric - folk - hellenic - national socialistic - speed core and gabba.
im a budding short story author so my CD sleeve's will never bore you...i'm also an amatuer photographer but only like to take photo's of lifeless images.
so you see..
im made for this.