5 more awesome bands you've never heard of


16. Mär. 2009, 10:03

Sequel to my previous journal entry 5 awesome bands you've never heard of. Now with even more super-underground stuff. Let's begin.

1. Maciej Bether

Genre: Minimalist/classical/downtempo
Absolutely nothing is presently known (by me) about this artist, but suffice to say, it's Creative Commons licensed minimalist music played mainly on synthesized classical instruments. Downtempo-style beats are also incorporated sometimes. There's not very much material, but it's actually very good and relaxing stuff.
Download all his albums here:

2. Intertwisting Opposition

Genre: Noise/post-industrial
Actually really interesting stuff. It seems to be basic harsh noise at first, but some of the songs also have rhythms and even a bit of melody. Not enough even to class it as rhythmic noise or some other label, but just enough to set it apart from generic harsh noise. This should appeal to fans of noise and post-industrial music.
Download the album Utilirrity:

3. genCAB

Genre: IDM/EBM
Not so underground as the other bands in this list, but still worth listing just because it's so good. genCAB is a really interesting blend of EBM and IDM, with influences from such diverse genres as hip-hop and emo. Yep, that last sentence was true. Although it does fall under the EBM label, it's anything but typical EBM. Hell, it's anything but typical anything.
genCAB actually has a record label, so you'll have to buy (or pirate, I guess his) his debut album II Transmuter to hear the whole thing, but he did a free split with Panic Lift with a couple songs on it:

4. Yade

Genre: EBM
Not so glaringly avant-garde as the other bands on the list, but Yade is a really nice band that uses aggrotech-style melodies and beats, but doesn't succumb to that terrible, busy, you-can-hardly-hear-what-the-fuck-is-going-on aggrotech production, and those horrible so-distorted-you-can-hardly-tell-they're-not-just-white-noise vocals. Also, it's all free, so it makes a good listen if you're looking for new EBM to listen to.
Download all songs on his Myspace:

5. Full Metal Jew

Genre: Harsh noise
Okay, this is my band. Pretentious to call it awesome? Yes. However, it is a lesser-known band that I'd like more people to hear, so what the hey. Full Metal Jew was started by me a couple months ago. Extremely heavily inspired by Masonna. Like to the point that Masonna is my sole influence. I put an emphasis on pure harshness over anything else, so it's mainly made up of feedback, screaming, and white noise.
Download the debut album Entartete Musik at either of these locations:
http://www.[spam] SektorTactical SektControl Alt DeusTerry RileyArvo PartPhilip GlassThrobbing GristleCabaret VoltaireHocicoESCDas IchNurse With WoundBrighter Death NowMerzbowGovernment AlphaMasonnaGuilty ConnectorC.C.C.C.IncapacitantsThe GerogerigegegeWhitehouseSutcliffe JugendAtrax MorgueGenocide OrganMSBRHijokaidanHanatarashFull Metal JewFuck, The Retarded GirlAxemRangersReaching.Intertwisting Opposition


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