Random cd's i've been listening to


3. Okt. 2008, 4:47

This is just a list of a bunch of cd's i've listened to lately, that obviously haven't been scrobbled.. because i am a complete scrobble whore.

-The Streets:
>Original Pirate Material
>A Grand Don't Come for Free (not ashamed to admit that i absolutely love it.)
>The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living (eh, it was okay.)
>Everything Is Borrowed

-Jeff Buckley

-Superjoint Ritual
>Use Once And Destroy (pretty shit, really. interesting idea though, but it just ends up being bad groovy-black/thrash. plus Phil's vocals dont fit.)

>The Great Southern Trendkill (their one album i've pretty much never listened to. really different from what i remember of it as a kid. not that bad actually.)

>We've Come For You All (as much as i hate to admit it [which is a hell of a lot], this is a really great album. it is sooo not better than Among the Living though. lawl. it's not allowed to be!!)

>Ace of Spades (i'd not actually heard this before [apart from a few songs that everyone's heard..] there is actually a slight degree of creativity to this album, which made it that bit cooler. fun listen.)


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