Adam, 27, Männlich, Vereinigte Staaten
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I refuse to act my age. I love my job. I can't sit, work, drive or think without music. I am a germiphobe. I never sleep well. I am overly simple, yet complex. I live to have no regrets. I daydream. I am a neat freak. I like girls. I am a hopeless romantic. I tend to overanylize. I watch sports, but could less about them. I think the way we treat each other sucks. I am overly animated. I tend to overreact. I repeat myself. I repeat myself. I think MySpace is creepy. I am the most reliable person I know. I am indecisive. I listen to Bob Dylan. I am too nice. I wish I had more time for me. I pick on myself. I can ramble incessantly. I obsess over anything Apple. I have a pen with me at all times. I can come off as shy. I spend way to much time on the computer.

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