• Merzbow & Balázs Pandi + Dethscalator + Nadja Live @ XOYO

    28. Okt. 2010, 12:42

  • (((Sunn O))) live

    23. Dez. 2009, 14:25

    Mon 14 Dec – ATP Presents: Sunn O))) + OM

    This is the first live show that I went to (proper live show – once I accidentally bumped into Girls Aloud playing in Leicester Square and another time I came across an indie band, I think The Rakes, in HMV for about 15 minutes). This being my first live show I was apprehensive. So many people have described Sunn O)))’s shows like a destructive force, a wave of pure base mayhem that shakes you around like a tsunami. I had fears that maybe I wasn’t up to this kind of music – listening on headphones to their albums is one thing but listening to them live is quite another. Before I went in the venue, I had the same mixture of nervousness and excitement I felt many years before when I first went to the London Dungeon. However, once I was in and past security, the feelings of nervousness faded away. The performing area is a lot larger than photos would lead you to believe.
    I went straight up to the front, right next to the left speaker. A range of speakers were on the stage and the one I was next to was larger than me.
    OM were very good despite the fact that I’m not really a fan of them (I have only played a few songs of theirs and only recognised one song).
    After OM, I took a break (I really shouldn’t have had long life juice before the show) and almost didn’t make it back to the front. If a teenager with short hair and a brown coat pushed pass you, that was me (sorry).
    Just before Sunn O))) started up I was starting to get thirsty. Low background music started up of I don’t know what genre and the stage filled up with smoke. Everyone was quiet (I had ear plugs in so I don’t know if anyone was talking quietly). Someone from the middle of the crowd shouted ‘He’s behind you!’ which raised a few laughs. Then Sunn O))) came on to the stage.
    The rest is a jumbled montage of images. Attila engulfed in smoke chanting (I think Agartha). A black robed figure playing trombone. A see through head. Attila with pieces of mirror on his cloak and a glass shard crown, with red lasers coming out of his fingers, shining out through the mist. Greg Anderson (I think) letting it rip with the guitar, waving it up and down like leather face in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the bass coming out in waves, long drones getting louder and louder.
    At the end, I asked my Dad what time it was and he said 11. I couldn’t believe I had spent two hours listening to Sunn O))), it honestly felt like 40 minutes. I saw on the internet the day following that Sunn O))) hasn’t played in UK for three years. I hope they are not away that long next time.