Rationality or irrationality


19. Sep. 2011, 10:01

For the past 100 years or so we have lived in an age of science and rational thought, and as individuals are privy to knowledge undreamt of even early last century. Apart from a few people. Some will say that it has not done us much good, but the technology we have and knowledge means that we are not obliged, or even forced, to live as our forebears did under the oppressicve and superstitious shadow of religion, of irrationality, of demons and various nasty spirits. So life now is, or should be, so much better for all. Tyrants such as Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Phot and Hitler did their horrible best to stop the improvement in the human condition during the 20thcentury, but hopefully men such as those will increasingly disappear in to the past. All those in positions of authority, of whatever stature, have the responsibility to ensure they administer wisely and sensibly. Hopefully we shall proceed nicely..............


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