• 6 Months On...

    4. Nov. 2009, 20:12

    Since re-joining LastFM. What's new?

    Well. College is terrible as usual. Boring and just horrible. Ugh. Otherwise, (let's make this LFM related shall we?) Personally, I think my music tastes have improved. With sincere dedication to Mew (after seeing them play live, I listened to them non-stop for WEEKS) going from 50 or so plays to 1,550, what can I say? Oh and of course the adoration I now have for Nirvana and Jeff Buckley. I knew they were legends, but hell I didn't LOVE them like I do now. Other than that, I think my tastes have broadened even further (e.g. the Indietracks Festival opened my eyes... and Beth is always sending me wonderful music) and I've certainly embraced new styles with open arms.

    I look forward to the next half a year - see how much I change after that!
  • Hometown Glory

    4. Apr. 2009, 15:49

    *Sigh* today's really nice. The weather is so awesome out there. I love it. It makes you feel like you don't need to do anything. Perfect lazy weather I'd say. And I definitely know I should have done something today.

    Ah well :\ that's what Easter's for I guess^^ but tomorrow I'm watching Wrestlemania with the guys at Chris's. That is gonna be such a laugh I think XD haha. Kinda excited in a way lol.

    It's nice to have come back to too. After I caused my computer to die last summer (tried to download an image editing programme, got a virus instead) my never updated once it was fixed. I could never be bothered to delete my account and start again. But I decided to do it today! Yay :)