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14. Apr. 2006, 2:15

My favorite song for the past week or so has been Winning Days... It's a really cool, kinda meloncholy song. I also like TV Pro, but for different reasons (the "ah ah ah ah's" in the fast parts sounds cool).

I've heard six-elevenths Taking Back Sunday's new CD, Louder Now... Which is awesome. As you can see on my most-played song list, Make Damn Sure is #1. What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost has a killer opening riff; almost reminds me of Dirty Little Secret.

I've been listening to a lot of Audioslave lately, too (not on the computer, though). Call me a heathen, but I think I like Out of Exile better than Audioslave. I really like The Curse... Which is strange. It's a sort of slower, basic song, but Cornell's voice and lyrics, especially at the chorus, are ace.
"If your eyes forget to well, if your lies forget to tell, if our paths forget to cross, It doesn't mean you're lost"...
I love the way he sings that. The guitar solo is also rather soft and understated, which is strange for a slower, burgeoning song like that, but oh well.
#1 Zero is another kind of slow song, but I love the climax of the song... It's powerful, man.

I got There Is Nothing Left to Lose last weekend... Pretty good CD. I really like the first two songs, Stacked Actors and Breakout... Dave Grohl should teach a class on how to properly scream in rock music. That dude is a flippin' stud.

I also got Lights And Sounds... It's got a few cool songs. I've never heard Ocean Avenue, so I don't know how it compares, but I've heard that this one is a lot more "rock" and less pop. Eh, suits me fine. Favorite songs are Lights and Sounds, Down On My Head,City of Devils, and Rough Landing, Holly.

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