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Remy MaRapid Fire 14. Okt. 2009
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ShawnnaMy Chicago (Part 2) (Album Version (Explicit)) 14. Okt. 2009
PliesOn My D**k (Amended Album Version) 8. Sep. 2009
TygaCali Love 8. Sep. 2009
JadakissStick Yourself (Skit) 8. Sep. 2009
Gucci ManeTrap House 8. Sep. 2009
Remy MaFeels So Good 8. Sep. 2009
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Über mich

my name is jasmine. i'm 18. i'm a taurus. i'm loyal. i'm stubborn. i'm a true bitch, a true friend, and a nice person. yes it's possible to be nice and still be a bitch. =]. I'm fun, i like to party and i need frienes who can keep up with that. I'm also confident and i know if i try i can do anything. I care about politics and social issues in the world. I work at shoprite but i've been thinking about alot of jobs lately. Maybe get on tv, work for some type of charity, small-time modeling, promotion, bartending, if you know anything about those let me know! i'm workihng on getting myself out there. this girl wants to be famous =]

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