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Über mich

Old Records Never Die { Ian Hunter }
Tribute To John Lennon .

Sometimes you realize

That there is an end to life.

Yesterday I heard them say

A hero's blown away.

And it's so hard to lose

Someone who's close to you.

Oh me I did not see

The danger every day.

But music's something in the air

So he can play it anywhere.

Old records never die.

Get you're healing from a song

Just when everything goes wrong.

Play it right

Through the night

Till morning brings you light.

And if some folk laugh at you

Let 'em all laugh they never knew.

Oh all those scenes to me it seems

Some folk never dream.

? ? I feel a force

Rebel with some other cause.

Old records never die.

Old records never die.

You can watch the waves roll by.

You can see it in their eyes.

Old records never die.

Old records never die.

You can watch the waves roll by.

? ?

Old records never die.

I can hear you

And I know why

Old records never die.

Add some music to your day....

ITS ONLY ROCK AND ROLL ........................

Each day just goes so fast
I turn around - it's past
You don't get time to hang a sign on me

Love me while you can
Before I'm a dead old man

A lifetime is so short
A new one can't be bought
But what you've got means such a lot to me

Make love all day long
Make love singing songs

There's people standing round
Who screw you in the ground
They'll fill you in with all their sins you'll see

I'll make love to you
If you want me to
George Harrison



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