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Beau Shelby began to teach himself drums at age 8 and guitar at age 11.
Formed his first band , JABON ,in 1977 and continued to learn from live professional concert performances and televised professional performances such as Don Kirshner ’s Rock Concert , Midnight Special and other shows that debuted and featured some of music's most acclaimed Icons and Diva's from the beginnings of their now well known careers.
"Who knew that the Studio band playing behind The Hughes Corp. on "Rock the Boat" (1974) was The one and only Crusaders featuring “The” Larry Carlton of Steely Dan, The Crusaders , Four Play and too many others to mention as well as his own reknown career? “... he asks in a playful yet knowledgeable demeanor.
Beau laughs as he recalls trying to emulate L. C. 's groove at that early stage , although by this time , he was already gaining a reputation for his uncanny ability to learn note for note renditions of just about anything that presented a challenge.

For Bookings: Richard "Beau" Shelby - Producer/ Bandleader 314-881-9520 , E-mail: ; Web:, Facebook BandPage-

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