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  • elegantlyiam

    Harrison was definitely my favorite Beatle. :)

    29. Mär. 2009 Antworten
  • DeppFan

    You have good music taste :)

    12. Aug. 2008 Antworten
  • lwoolliscroft

    Mate... check out Fauré's Pavane Op. 50 -- a great piece of music. Do you remember where it was famously used?

    2. Jul. 2008 Antworten
  • dom_wisdom

    musical compatibility rating with you is 'Low' - even considering the early 'Now' album love? shame.

    28. Mai. 2008 Antworten
  • lwoolliscroft

    Ah mate... Gilmour's top of your weekly artist chart. You doth listen to him too much, methinks.

    10. Mai. 2008 Antworten
  • andjdavies

    Hey, random message, sorry was just browsing :) Anyway, obviously you like using :) I wondered - have you tried idiomag for reviews etc? It creates a magazine based on your favourite artists - if you wanna check it out here's the link for you. I think they have some articles about Bob Dylan in there

    9. Feb. 2008 Antworten
  • sweetesdownfall

    hmm...difficult question. I would say it's a tie between high hopes and wish you were here. What about you? Actually, whats your favorite Dylan song?

    27. Jan. 2008 Antworten
  • sweetesdownfall

    hello there

    26. Jan. 2008 Antworten
  • lwoolliscroft

    Can't believe I didn't get into this during all those days spent mincing at Lavender Row, mate.

    31. Jan. 2007 Antworten