Rockstar Taste of Chaos 2008 / Bayfront


30. Mär. 2008, 3:17

Wed 26 Mar – Rockstar Taste of Chaos 2008

Lets begin shall we?

This years Rockstar Taste of Chaos featured dozen of bands including MUCC, and D'espairsRay. I've already made plans to meet with some friends but trouble began that very morning. I arrived a bit late -- 2PM (Show started at 5PM) and missed my friends at the signing booth. They managed to stalk members of The Underneath (formally known as Transtic Nerve), D'espairsRay around Bayfront Park as well. They got to hang out with Taka from The Underneath.

Back to my venturing, we managed to skip a couple dozen people waiting in line by signing up to donate bone marrow o__o' in which they swabbed our mouth cheeks, thus having a handful (less than 30 people) enter the area 30 minutes before official entrance.

So, we managed to make it front row the whole time. Picked up some official merch, including a shirt. Also they didn't have MUCC's Shion available (which they should have since it was the release date the show was on) so instead I bought Fuzz single.

Moving on, D'espairsRay made its way on center stage. Playlist included most from MIRROR. Spiking the crowd with DAMNED, TRICKST☆R, SCREEN, SIXty∞NINe, and Fuyuu Shita Risou. Very heavy performance overall.

The crowd was filled with screaming/awing 'fan-girls' that would take note of everything any band member did on stage - which someone annoyed me. Since I was there to listen, mosh, and enjoy the performance. They would be stiff, At least they would sing along unlike the rest of the crowd that were their for other artists -.-

Next up was MUCC. Tatsurou wore blue shorts and a American striped cap busting on stage with an intense lineup, so intense I can't recall all the songs performed. I recall Ranchuu, and Libra.

Afterwards I went to the signing and called my friends over for D’espairsRay. I bought a poster in which they can sign. Then was the MUCC signing, I had them sign my single, and poster and having a fumbling handshake with Tatsurou .___. ~ !

I caught The Underneath play a bit, but at that time I was buying more merch. Later we decided to make haste of our precious time and head to the after party located in Hard Rock Cafe. But their was a catch. You had to sign up online first, but I still managed to get in thanks to Ian's friend that got me in. As we waited until 10PM we went to FYE and messed around a bit. Overall funky show :D

Bayfront Park Amphitheatre
Price: ★★★☆☆
Location: ★★☆☆☆
Overall Show: ★★★★☆

Source: End of Heaven


  • RRC_Nikki_Sixx

    wow just came for the j-rock bands?? i must say bullet for my valentine and avenged sevenfold had the strongest performances of the night i did that bone marrow thing too, was able to get in to the after party after talking to one of the people that set it up (jesse the bone marrow guy) got to talk to matt tuck for a few minutes which was awesome and ran into d’espairsray's drummer off in the corner in hard rock and talked for like 2 mins mainly telling him how much i loved the performance (never really listened to them before the concert but i will now) pics of the concert on my myspace: videos on my youtube:

    30. Mär. 2008, 3:36
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