• MacBook!

    9. Aug. 2006, 3:14

    so i finally got my replacement for my ibook that was total's a 13inch macbook! w00t. anyways, tomorrow Soho is going to transfere my files and put in another 512mb stick of i'll have my music back!

    i need some new music though...any recent suggestions that i might like(according to what i have now)?
  •'s new layout?

    16. Jul. 2006, 7:34

    am i the only one hating this new laytout?

    it takes forever for it to load on firefox..IF it even chooses to load..i've had to refresh more than three times almost everytime i come to the site. and i have 1gig of memory plus highspeed cable it's not like i'm on dial-up on a crappy computer!

    30. Jun. 2006, 0:30

    recomment music to me!