• There was a night in Borlänge.

    12. Feb. 2010, 3:07

    A young boy called Björn was tired of a band who never grown up like he wanted. He was tired of the irresponsibility of some of that members. Thinking in having grat shows someday, we wanted to dream about that in a little bar. He sat in the bar, and another boy near him, apparently with his same dreams started to talk. He discovered that this boy, called Gustaf, has the same likes and dislikes, the same musical dreams, and he really that Gustaf really have wanted the glory with a band of music… his entire life. They create a band with friends of Gustaf, and some members of the Björn’s band, who was known as “Buttler”. They worked a lot, and created a new ban..MANDO DIAO.
    You are surely wondering “What’s the meaning of MANDO DIAO?”. Well, MD means a band that has born in Sweden, in Börlange. It has an exceptional power, great music, and five members: Gustaf Norén, Björn Dixgard, Sam Giers, Mats Björke and Carl-Johan Fogelklou. They play indie rock, mixed with a little bit of garage and a touch of “Beatles” effects (well, they love this band, that’s the most important thing that they have in common).
    The five musicians made 5 marvellous creations (or albums): “Bring ‘em in” in wich they wanted to exhibit their most escencial component: garage music. Later came “Hurricane Bar”, and in this work they’ve included more variety of melodies, some of them more sounds more “country” and they didn’t leave the garage. In the third creation, called Ode To Ochrasy, they’ve not only created a new album, with more instruments like trumpets, they created a new word: Ochrasy means the state of a person who’s out of himself. Gustaf explained that Ochrasy is always in the human, for example, when they’re very happy, with no preoccupations, and when they have awake dreams. In the fourth, the band made a turn of 360 degrees. They included more clean melodies, they raided in symphonies with violins, and more country songs without leaving the indie music and the essence of the band. Their last cd, for the moment, is Give Me Fire. This is, without doubts, an excellent work. It’s totally different, with the power of the rock’n’roll and the happiness of the disco music. Give Me Fire is the CD that make all the fans happy, and with this CD they’ve known new frontiers of fans.
    Now MANDO DIAO is a band with a Grammy in their hands, and thousands of fans in the entire world. All of them considered two things: their music and lyrics, and an special character : that hability in changing “music styles” without leaving the essence of the band. You can recognize easily when a song is from Mando Diao, and the songs has the most big variety of styles: country, blues, disco, all of them respecting the INDIE touch.
    Those fans were so gratified with their existence that decided to help them, and the webpage of Mando created the Street Teams. A Street Team is a “club” of fans. Each country can decide to join the community of Mando and help them with missions that the webpage purpose every day (the missions are created by the fans too) and in that way create a Street Team. There’re Street Teams in countries of LatinAmerica, Europe, Asia, and there’re more and more. The Street Teams have the finality of helping making missions and share with the other countries the passion for the band. In LatinAmerica, we’ve created the first Street Team in Argentina. It’s called “Street Team Buenos Aires” and by the moment, we have 63 persons joining the ST in the webpage, and other 400 members who’re joining everyday. The purpose of creating this ST was one: Becoming true our dream of seing Mando Diao playing in our country. Now, we have more purposes: making friends who listens the band in our country, having fun making the missions that the page updates (like voting, going to the radios.. and winning points in the Street Team doing that) and working together to make our dream come true. Now we have succeed on the Argentinean edition of their last CD (never has been edited a CD of Mando Diao before our ST), the activity of some important radios helping us plying their songs, articles in the newspapers and some magazines, and with that, there’re more and more people who now is listening MD. We’ve never seen them in a live show in Argentina,. But we still have the hope. The band generates that feeling. It’s clear: The purpose is helping the band that has changed our lives. That’s the meaning of MANDO DIAO: PASSION FOR THE MUSIC.
    Mando Diao