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Rotting OutEyes Peeled Lieblingslied 13. Sep. 2012
Mother of MercyInside And Out Lieblingslied 13. Sep. 2012
Iron BootsChosen Few 13. Sep. 2012
Free SpiritEverybody Else Lieblingslied 13. Sep. 2012
The Beautiful OnesTrue to Me 13. Sep. 2012
Bent LifeUnlearn 13. Sep. 2012
Twitching TonguesNo Gold 13. Sep. 2012
Dead End PathNever Had Heaven Ever 13. Sep. 2012
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Since 2007, Bane Shows is a production collective that hosts various all ages shows in Santa Cruz, CA. Bane Shows started in the Santa Cruz hardcore scene, but has grown into an all inclusive music experience that includes indie, metal, electronic, and folk. Owned and operated by Nick Bane, it is with the help of the very people who make up our scene that make our shows special. We want to encourage others to take on a D.I.Y. aesthetic in order to create a music community that is much oppressed due to the sound ordinance and take back our scene.

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