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Bamahang Productions LLC (Seattle, USA) is an independent record label and music production company established by musicians, run by musicians, for musicians , and is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.

Bamahang Productions is the leading record label and music production company dedicated to promoting Iranian alternative and underground music. Relying on its huge grass-roots network of musicians and music lovers worldwide, Bamahang Productions has managed to produce and promote many Iranian alternative musicians and bands.

In July 2005, Bamahang Productions released Kiosk’s debut album “Adam Mamooli (Ordinary Man)” which became the first officially released and copyrighted music album from Iran’s underground music scene on CD and available for Digital distribution on iTunes.

The controversial and award winning movie "No one knows about Persian Cats" features the track "Emshab (Tonight)" from the Bamahang Productions release "Khab (Sleep)" (2006) by Mirza (Babak Mirzakhani)

Bamahang Productions is a proud member of ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

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