• Top 15 Artists Lo-Down

    28. Jun. 2006, 8:00

    1. TV on the Radio
    First Song Heard: Staring at the Sun
    Fell in Love with: The Wrong Way
    Current Favorite: A Dirty Whirlwind

    2. Millionaire
    First Song Heard: Body Experience Revue
    Fell in Love with: Petty Thug
    Current Favorite: Petty Thug

    3.Eagles of Death Metal
    First Song Heard: I Only Want You
    Fell in Love with: So Easy (the love was instant, my friends)
    Current Favorite: Just Nineteen

    4. Arctic Monkeys
    First Song Heard: I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor
    Fell in Love with: I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor
    Current Favorite: I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor (er, I guess I don't fancy the record that much)

    5. The Black Keys
    First Song Heard: Stack Shot Billy
    Fell in Love with: Set You Free
    Current Favorite: thickfreakness

    6. Gnarls Barkley
    First Song Heard: Crazy
    Fell in love with: Just a Thought
    Current Favorite: Smiley Faces

    7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    First Song Heard: Date with the Night
    Fell in Love with: Gold Lion
    Current Favorite: Fancy

    8. A Tribe Called Quest
    First Song Heard: Bonita Applebum
    Fell in Love with: Award Tour
    Current Favorite: Lyrics to Go

    9. The Raconteurs
    First Song Heard: Steady As She Goes
    Fell in Love with: Hands (you have to be deaf to not like this song)
    Current Favorite: Hands

    10. Peaches
    First Song Heard: Fuck the Pain Away
    Fell in Love with: Shake Yer Dix
    Current Favorite: I'm the Kinda

    11. Loveline
    First Song Heard: Er, 2001-11-21
    Fell in Love with: 2002-09-25
    Current Favorite: 2006-04-16

    12. Queens of the Stone Age
    First Song Heard: If Only
    Fell in Love with: The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
    Current Favorite: Avon/Song for the Deaf/ The Bronze

    13. Candlebox
    First Song Heard: Far Behind
    Fell in Love with: Cover Me
    Current Favorite: Understanding

    13. Hot Hot Heat
    First Song Heard: Bandages
    Fell in Love with: Hmm, let's say Bandages
    Current Favorite: This Town

    15. 311
    First Song Heard: Down, of course
    Fell in Love with: Down
    Current Favorite: Random

    Damn, that was a little more taxing than I'd anticipated...but it was nice to reflect.