The Best Of 2008

The best tracks from 2008, compiled by me. This is a list of the heaviest tunes of 2008, some you’ll know, some you wont. Just Beatport/itunes the tracks you don’t have or know and enjoy. It is...

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The Best Of 2013

This is the best music of the year that I came across. Some of it is older than 2013 but it's not important. Rather than simply uploading entire albums I liked I tired to pick only the best tracks...

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The Best Of 2012

This is the best shit of 2012 that I listened too... been a good year, been a strange year, not everything is from 2012, just the stuff I really got into this year. In no real order, though the...

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The Best Of 2011

All the top tracks from 2011... bit of a mixture... though not as much as recent years... this was suppose to be going live as a stream but thanks to my horrible internet thats not going to...

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The Best Of 2010

The best music from 2010, its a mixture of everything epic from 2010.

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The Best Of 2009

Ok, so this is my list of best tracks from 2009. It's been a pretty solid year. This list doesn't include some tracks from Fever Ray and Krazy Baldhead because this list is a half way house between...

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