• Sexuality up for grabs!!

    1. Jun. 2008, 19:24

    If you fancy testing your luck and get your hands onto Sébastien Tellier's sexuality, then follow this link:

    And tell us why this album is not electropop but post-electronica in no more than 200 words.
  • ...and the real Eurovision 2008 winner is:

    26. Mai. 2008, 19:46

    Serbia + Alcohol = Wonderful World!!!
  • Divine is the song of miracles...

    23. Apr. 2008, 5:31

    and it certainly takes miracles for to be a serious contender even for the European Song Contest - better known in Europe as by its fans, or alternatively by his detractors.

    This year though I believe Sébastien Tellier can win it, he is talented and such musical talent will stand out as one above the rest.

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    I have some doubts about the live performance though, I have seen him 3 times in concert and he just cannot put two moves together - well he is also often on the piano or the mic, and he is constantly smoking. I wonder how he is coping with the public ban in France now actually.

    Anyway, I am sure they will work something out, he will be with a set of girls like Clodettes I reckon.

    That's his style and it was also the anniversary of Claude François death this year, so I am sure Record Makers thought of this too.

    If, like me, you believe Sébastien will win it then show your support and join:

    If you don't, but still like his musique then join his followers' group on:

    Before you take a decision, have a watch at Divine, its refreshing, tonic, and hilarious...3 key ingredients for a success cocktail.

  • Politics

    19. Mär. 2008, 9:31

    When L’'Incroyable Vérité was released in March 2001, was Sébastien Tellier really that concerned with the great unknown? There’'s no simple answer to such a meaningful question.

    He has undoubtedly received high critical acclaim and been showered with superlatives, and those who have seen him live are captivated to the point of being awestruck. “"This is the first time I’'ve seen people recall the supporting act!”" said an audience member in October 2002. Their warm-up slot backing Air (80 gigs across three continents) from June to November 2001 certainly opened Tellier'’s eyes to a world of diversity and a multi-faceted audience. On stage, he and his partner Pamelia Kurstin (the latter armed with a Theremin) formed an enchanting duo that roamed the range between the bold and the moody, leaving none who heard them unmoved. Yet their audience was at times hard to pin down, and needed to be brought to light and scolded for their failure to recognize the power of this emotionally unconventional music.

    As a result, Sébastien Tellier learned an important lesson about stepping into the spotlight: it’s not enough just to create, the world still has to hear you. Quentin Dupieux – aka Mr. Oizo, director of the video for Oh malheur chez O'’Malley (a song featured on L'’incroyable Vérité) in which Tellier attempts to skate in a forest haunted by an omnipresent jogger –came along to offer him the role of 144 in a project called Nonfilm. Tellier’'s true colours came to light in his performance as a photogenic, charismatic leader in a world where you can film without a camera. “"Abstract, keep it abstract!"” a voice rang in his head when it came time to score the film, so he plunged to the roots of musical protest in its truest form, with Tony Allen – one-time accompanist to the great Fela Kuti – certainly striking the perfect chord for Bye Bye’s rhythms.

    Then everything came together. Tellier began composing music in Philippe Zdar’'s studios at 84 rue des Martyrs, Paris. Some say the place is a bit cold and damp, but summer was still in full swing. For Sébastien, an album has a certain gestation period, often a long one, but this album took shape quickly. “Let’'s give the minorities their say, and show the way to those who have forgotten the roots of our planet’s problems! The East Germans should know, and the wetbacks, and those who work themselves into the ground! Say no to stylistic controls, don’t fight the rhythm –Tony Allen will be there to support me along with the rest of them.” And that’s what happened: the troops stormed in to defend the Native Americans (Ketchup vs Genocide), the Mexicans (League Chicanos), two Africas, one idealized and one torn by civil war (Wonderafrica and La tuerie), and a sporty East German who actually misses the Berlin Wall because she hasn'’t been able to play solo tennis since its collapse (Mauer). In short, the oppressed were finally given a voice and re-ushered into the POLITIC-al arena. This voice is magnified by open, melodious music that is unfettered and full of pleasure. The oppressed fought valiantly in the Martyr Road studios, right up until the last day; then, on 31 May 2003, Paris’ 18th arrondissement was itself stormed –by hail, which destroyed all of the artist’s equipment. Only the tapes – all that remained just days after recording – were saved. At last, Philippe Zdar mixed the album to be released on the Record Makers label, POLITICS. Now, ask yourself this: are you ready for a full dose of history –in just one lesson?

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  • Divine selection at Eurovision 2008

    11. Mär. 2008, 5:07

    Sébastien Tellier will bless us with his presence at the Eurovision contest, arguably the trashiest musical gathering in Europe - hence the nick: Eurotrash Live!

    Jesus like his disciples call him will be singing his Divine track and it may well be that...

    a miracle takes place and that France wins for a change!

    Ahahaha!! Last time a french artist won it was in 1977, you remember Marie Myriam ? Well I don't! Yet the mighty kingdom of Belgium and Sandra Kim won it in 1986...Céline Dion took part 2 years later and sang for Switzerland but everybody knows she is Canadian...money talks!!
  • Roche is an ode to love on the beach..

    23. Feb. 2008, 8:27

    not an advert for Biarritz tourist office!

    Don't you find this track by Sébastien Tellier so chexy?! It's taken from the new album which is called Sexuality
  • Sébastien Tellier hits the beach!

    20. Feb. 2008, 5:35

    As part of his new album promotion, the one and only Sébastien Tellier is going on tour and is hitting the beach whenever he can, namely:

    - Marseille
    - Istanbul

    You cannot miss it really!

  • Les 4 choses à savoir sur le "Belge"

    9. Feb. 2008, 6:40

    Petit guide pour les voisins français ou luxembourgeois...

    1. Les indispensables septante et nonante.
    70 = septante
    90 = nonante
    C'est simple, clair et net... et grammaticalement plus correct que les ersatz du type quatre-vingt-dix ou soixante quatorze...
    Ceci ne souffre aucune discussion. D'ailleurs, pour faire un parallélisme avec d'autres langues, en anglais, 70 se dit seventy et pas sixty-ten.
    Même le néerlandais, qui se rapproche plus du klingon (cfr StarTrek), fonctionne de la même façon: 90 = negentig.

    2. L'accent
    L'accent, ou plutôt les accents... car en Belgique, il y a autant d'accents que de villages. Vous n'êtes pas obligé de prendre l'accent pour converser avec un Belge. Ce n'est pas un mongolien et vous pouvez être sûr qu'il comprendra votre français de Marseille, Strasbourg ou Laval.
    Quelques dialectes:
    * le liéééééégeois (Liège)
    * le namuuuurois (Namur), proche de l'accent suisse du Valais
    * le tournaisieeeennn (Tournai), proche du Picard
    * le brusselaire : l'accent bruxellois est le plus connu et le plus (mal)
    imité : Alllleï, dis, fieu!
    Pour parfaitement l'imiter, il faut se mettre dans la peau du personnage, càd avoir une grande gueule et faire son malin . En bref, il faut être un gars de la capitale. D'ailleurs, n'oubliez pas le dicton: Parisien, tête de chien, Bruxellois, même combat.
    De plus, le vrai Bruxellois utilise 50% de mots français et 50% de mots "flamands" ou flamandisés juste pour faire bien.
    Ex: Ah, fieu waar heb je de velo gelaisseerd? Ah, ja, in de camionnette!
    Traduction: Eh bien, mec, ou as-tu laissé le vélo ? Ah, oui, dans la camionnette

    3. Avoir une bonne prononciation
    Un bon conseil: bossez un sérieux coup . La seule façon d'apprendre, c'est d'écouter!
    Quelques exemples:
    - Bruxelles, se prononce Brusselle (et pas Brukselle)
    - Anvers, se prononce Anverssss (et pas En Vert, le "S" est là, alors il faut l'utiliser)
    - Rembrandt se prononce " R (èm) bra n (comme Anne) dt " (et pas Rang Bran)
    - Le célèbre W : en France, on préfère le prononcer (erronément!) comme un simple V (on n'est pas en Allemagne) . En Belgique, on préférera le prononcer "ouhé "
    Ex: wagon: ouhagon - huit: ouhit - BMW se dit Bé èm Wé - idem pour un VW et les WC. (qui me rappelle: "aller à la toilette" et "non aux toilettes" : une à la fois, s'il-te-plaît bien!)
    - Les noms flamands : à apprendre au cas par cas. Mais, en tout cas oubliez la prononciation française!!!!
    Ex: Maastricht: le ch ne se prononce par "ch", ni "k", mais ch gutural.

    4. Les spécialités régionales
    Vous ne trouverez jamais d'endives blanches et pointues en Belgique, mais des chicons.
    Vous ne mangez pas des sandwichs, mais des pistolets; pas de petits pains aux raisins, mais des couques aux raisins; pas de chaussons aux pommes, mais des gosettes.
    On déjeune le matin, on dîne à midi et on soupe le soir.
    En Belgique, on "preste" des heures de travail ou un service.
    Et on aime aller à la kermesse (fête du village) manger des caricoles (des espèces d'escargots de mer)..
    On va s'acheter un cornet de frites à la friture. Et si vous croisez des friteries ce sont soit des français immigrés, soit des belges complexés qui ont changé leur enseigne parce qu'un crétin leur avait dit que friture n'était pas français ! Eh! On est en Belgique,

    Et encore: En Belgique on tire son plan (se débrouiller), même quand on ne sait pas son chemin ( à court d'idées). On boit des pils (bières) en demi (0.25 litres et non 0.5 l).
    On s'essuie les mains avec des essuies (serviettes).
    On attend famille quand on est enceinte (enfin les femmes en tout cas; les hommes c'est plus grave), et les portes s'ouvrent avec des clinches.
    Et "à tantôt" signifie à tout à l'heure (et ne fait pas référence à un moment passé, ni à l'après-midi !).
    On utilise les torchons (serpillières), voire les loques à r'loqu'ter (mais l'expression est vraiment trop laide - elle tend à disparaître) pour nettoyer par terre et non pour essuyer la vaisselle.
    Pour nous, un crayon est toujours en bois avec une mine en graphite (...et jamais un crayon à papier!). En effet, les "bics" sont des stylos à billes et un stylo, un porte-plume.
    Nous aussi, on sait qu'on est les meilleurs. Mais nous, on préfère faire semblant que non , pour que personne ne s'en doute... Et ce n'est pas des carabistouilles !!!!
  • Sexuality tracklist

    2. Jan. 2008, 15:47

    01. Roche
    02. Kilometer
    03. Look
    04. Divine
    05. Pomme
    06. Une Heure
    07. Sexual Sportswear
    08. Elle
    09. Fingers Of Steel
    10. Manty
    11. L'amour et la Violence

    By Sebastien Tellier
  • Sexual Sportswear video shocker!

    23. Dez. 2007, 5:10

    Oh my god, the girl is only wearing a g-string!

    Sourced on myspaceTV.com

    Now on YouTube!

    It's very good, very Tellier, tellieresque even! When I first saw it, it reminded me of a mixture between "Emmanuelle in Africa" and a "James Bond" intro...but then Mister Tellier himself shows up with his Terminator specs and strikes a pose à la Kavinsky!!

    It becomes ominous, he looks threatening, the babe disappears...will he eat her alive??? Well, I am asking you now!!