Ladytron at First Avenue 2009


4. Okt. 2011, 6:14

After missing Ladytron back in 2006 right when I started getting into the band, I was extremely excited for this show. Unfortunately, it was a big let down. The sound was way too bass heavy and the vocals were drowned out. I can't fault the band for that.

Since I'm writing this review 2 years later, mostly just to have the set list documented for my own sake, I'll mostly refrain from commenting on the somewhat stoic personas each of the band members portrayed throughout the evening. I am pretty sure this was their intention - to blend into the background just like the pit orchestra does and let the music speak for itself. That would have probably worked much better had the sound been even remotely decent. *sigh* They certainly deserve another look live and I haven't given up on them.

Here's the set list:

Black Cat
High Rise
True Mathematics
I'm Not Scared
Season of Illusions
Soft Power
Fighting In Build Up Areas
destroy everything you touch

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