10. Mai. 2010, 19:54

i got the idea for this entry when i was listening to a german hardcore band Veil. accidentaly, i've visited their profile and i realized that there's another artist with the same name - which is a national socialist black metal project and most of the users tagged Veil as nsbm etc. what. obviously it's not the only example of such misunderstanding in my library, as i noticed. so - to deal with all that crap - here's a little list of artists using the same names as those that I listen to, but being scrobbled bmore often by other users:

1. Justice - i hate the french electro duo. really. Justice from Belgium is one of my favs, especially their last album.
2. DieHard clevo. there's a rock band with the same name and i have their picture figuring on my profile every time i listen to pre-integrity shit.
3. FEED - Alice in Chains on steroids from Texas. there are couple of bands with the same name
4. Gehenna - not that i don't like black metal, but I prefer the hardcore Gehenna
5. Veil - see above
6. Culture - gainesville's 90s vegan sxe hardcore. i had a moment when i've been listening to their music very often and it looked like i've been listening to reggae. crap.
7. Pokerface - polish melodic hardcore band
8. The Untouchables - flex your head/dischord/hardcore punk.
9. The Bone Shakers - a band from Us of Oi! compilation. not many plays though
10. Catharsis - definitely the crimethinc band. there's also a heavy metal band with that name, isn't it?
11. Despair - listened to Scott Vogel's pre-Terror stuff. heard that the 80s german thrash metal is also quite cool
12. Beyond - i'm not into chinese music. youth crew band from ny.
13. Blindfold - h8000. the quicksand soudalike.
14. Absence - italian vegan sxe hardcore, haven't released much, no wonder they don't have the main pic
15. Chapter - see above (14)
16. Scam, Headhunter, Merka, Bonafide, Red Tape - drum&bass or breakbeat acts from some comps i've listened. they're plenty of other artists with those names.
17. Bad Company - probably should've been tagged as Bad Company UK, my bad.
18. Doom - british crusties. if we're talking about the rapper, i've got him tagged as MF DOOM
19.Path Of Resistance - the one with ExC members. it's really disgusting that nazi fucks are pretending they're playing "hardcore" because it's sounds even tougher than all those skrewdriver-wannabies - at least they should've picked an original name for their retarded band instead of stealing it from the fucking legend!
20.Altercation - nyhc, don't understand why this hippie lookalike band is still on the main pic.
21.Nails - heard there's more than one band with such name, so i've listened to the Todd Jones one. the album "unsilent death".
22.Alpha & Omega - my mate said that there are some reggae or ragga, i don't know, guys playing under that name. i've listened to the hc one. won't scrobble them no more, have it on lp.
23.Mindset - React!'s hc band, don't accuse me of listening to nu-metal ;)
24.Pegasus - the leeway-soundalike. i like most bands that sound like Leeway
25.Counterweight - polish vegan metal
26.Vigilante - australian warzone soundalikes. cool demo.
27.Defiance - the punk rock one, but as far as i remember i've also listened to couple of tracks of the thrash metal band
28.Nona - West Chester punk
29.Eye For An Eye - don't mind i'm from Poland. i listen to the Boston's one. seen the polish live couple of times and didn't like it.
30.Collapse - nyhc, the one from new breed comp
31.Public Enemy - probably i wouldn't even bother mentioning about them, but recommended me a new album of a white power band from UK named Public Enemy lol
32.Diamond - us college rock with TUI and DTN members
33.The Men - noise rock
34.Abolition - UK HC band, not NSBM douchebags
35.Brotherhood - Seattle HC, not NSBM douchebags
36.Embrace - the Ian MacKaye one
37.Dynamo - NYHC
38.Vigil - vegan edge band with Jules Jordan
39.Lucero - the alt country
40.Iron Curtain - UK HC
41.Xibalba - that California HC

probably more to come :/


  • Still_Da_G

    Loaded has the same story - Guns n Roses bassist Duff McKagan created this band in 90s, but other dudes took a strong copipasta from him. add plz =/

    18. Nov. 2011, 17:27
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