• Japan Nite US tour 2011 with Lolita No.18, MO'SOME TONEBENDER, Hystoic Vein,…

    16. Jan. 2011, 19:28

    It's great and so proud to announce Japan Nite US tour line up. 
    This year again top-noch bands from  real Japanese music scene.
    I think I can definitely say MO'SOME TONEBENDER is one of
    the  greatest and most important bands in Japan.  I have been a fan
    ever since their show in 2001.   We started Japan Nite in 1996 with
    two Japanese bands at SXSW 1996.  All girl punk band, Lolita No.18 
    was one of them. They have played at SXSW 1997 and 2000. 
    Then I booked the first Japan Nite US tour 2000 with  two bands 
    from my label, BENTEN, Lolita No.18 and  Mummy the peepshow 
    with the other 2 bands  played SXSW, SPOOZYS, and Number Girl. 
     Long history....
    Two of my favorite all girl bands join this year Japan Nite US tour.
    One is  a hilarious glam rock band  Hystoic Vein from Hyogo and the other
    is ZUKUNASHI who loves black music.  Two other new bands are going to
     play at SXSW Japan Nite in Austin. These are  Ex:Tokyo Jihen guitar, 
    MIkio Hirama's new project  called oh sunshine and an electronic rock 
    rookie from Nagoya, white white sisters ( they are young boys ).
      I am sue you would enjoy the different  music variation  of all the 
    bands same as past years.   We are all looking forward to coming. 
    See you in March!

    SXSW Japan Nite & Japan Nite US tour 2011

     March 18 (Fri)  Austin @SXSW Japan Nite
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER/ Lolita No.18/ Hystoic Vein/oh sunshine/  White White Sisters

    March 20 (sun) New York @ Bowery Ballroom  
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER/ Lolita No.18/ Hystoic Vein/Zukunashi/White White Sisters

    March 22 (Tue) CHICAGO @ Empty Bottle
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER/ Lolita No.18/ Hystoic Vein/Zukunashi

    March 23 (wed)SEATTLE @ Chop Suey
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER/ Lolita No.18/ Hystoic Vein/Zukunashi

    March 25 (Fri)    Las Vegas  @ TBA
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER/ Lolita No.18/ Hystoic Vein/Zukunashi

    March 26 (Sat) LA @  Viper Room  - 
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER/ Lolita No.18/ Hystoic Vein/Zukunashi + Opening Act

    March 27 (Sun)   SF @ The Independent  
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER/ Lolita No.18/ Hystoic Vein/Zukunashi + Opening Act

    Lolita No.18MO'SOME TONEBENDERHystoic VeinZukunashiBENTEN Label]white white sistersoh sunshine

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  • Japan Nite US tour 2010 !

    6. Jan. 2010, 7:43

    Konnichiwa~* How do you like to spend your holiday?

    I am excited to announce the detail of
    SXSW Japan Nite and Japan Nite US tour 2010.

    Yes, it's true and I am thrilled to announce that CHATMONCHY is performing at SXSW Japan Nite. They are definitely the top of all girl bands in Japan and also one of the biggest bands who did Budokan two-night concert. You will see how adorable Eriko is and how all of three girls are skillful and the uniqueness of the sound. 2010 is the 15th year of Japan Nite at SXSW and this is the fist time we have Visual Kei legitimate band appearance.
    Strictly speaking Dolly is called Visual <Kote Osa> Kei among fans. (so nice to use these Ban-Gal terms I have just learned !) I am sure you will enjoy their costumes and make-up as well as their music.

    Japan Nite @ SXSW Austin on Friday March 19th
    - Line up -
    1. CHATMONCHY: Three Girls from Japan Who Rock
    2. Red Bacteria Vacuum: This hard rockin' all-girl punk trio will give you nightmares!
    3. Dolly: Named after the famous cloned sheep, Dolly is a visually and sonically intriguing "Visual-kei" band.
    4. Omodaka: The Otaku wizard of electronic music. Check out his new amazing video.
    5. OKAMOTO'S: The spirit of the Rolling Stones lives on in these 19 year-old Japanese rockers!
    6. One more band.- TBA-

    Then after SXSW Japan Nite go to NY, Cambridge, Chicago, Seattle, SF and LA with 2009 Japan Nite sensation, Omodaka, you and my favorite monster girls, Red Bacteria Vacuum, aggressive girl punk rookie from Sakai City. JinnyOops! and Japanese teenage rock'n'roll, OKAMOTO'S. - maybe + one more band.

    Japan Nite US tour 2010
    Line up: Red Bacteria Vacuum/Omodaka/OKAMOTO'S/ JinnyOops! etc.
    March 21(sun) New York @ Bowery Ballroom
    March 22 ( Mon)  Cambridge @ TT The Bears
    March 23( Tue) Chicago @ Empty Bottle
    March 25 (Thu) Seattle @ High Dive
    March 26 (Fri) SF @ The Independent
    March 27 ( Sat) LA @ Viper Roo

    I hope to see you all again in March.

    *Could you help me to promote this tour and support us?**
    If you know of some record stores or cafes etc. to put up flyers and a poster
    Please e-mail me back with your snail address I will send them.
    Do you have a blog? Please write about this.
    Thank you very much for your support!

    *Street team reward is:
    Japan Nite Sampler CD and T-shirts.
    Please pick up at the merch table when you come to the shows.

    Arigato for your support x millions from Tokyo!

    - Audrey
    Japan Nite/ BENTEN Label

    * Please sign our mailing list here.
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  • TsuShiMaMire, noodles, Red Bacteria Vacuum, OMODAKA SF/ LA shows!

    10. Aug. 2009, 5:41


    I am so excited to tell you Japan Girls Nite are coming to SF and LA soon.

    We were invited for J-pop Summit Festival on Aug.15th and
    the grand opening party of NEW PEOPLE building in SF.
    I am so happy to come to SF again with my favorite bands:
    noodles, TsuShiMaMiRe, Red Bacteria Vaccum, Omodaka!
    to celebrate the center of Japanese culture in USA.
    Then after SF event we are coming to LA to Japan Girls Nite
    at The Roxy Theatre! Isn't this great?

    I appreciate your help to promote our shows as always.
    Thank you very much for your support!

    Looking forward to seeing you in SF and LA!
    Audrey Kimura
    BENTEN/ Japan Nite

    Japan Girls Nite in SFJapan Girls Nite in LAFacebook

    August 15, 2009 in SF
    Japan Girls Nite @ J-pop Summit Festival (Japantown/ SF)
    Free show /all day out door event.
    12:45 Redd Bacteria Vaccuum
    13:20 noodles
    14:15 TsuShiMaMire
    16:15 Omodaka +6%DOKIDOKI Shop Girls

    Augist 16, 2009 in SF
    Japan Nite Special- Girls Rock Explosion
    + Harajuku Kawaii Experience @ Yoshi's
    1330 Filmorest.SF. CA 94115
    with: noodles/ TsuShiMaMiRe/ Red Bacteria Vacuum/ Omodaka+ 6%DOKIDOKI Shop girls

    Open: 7:30 pm Start 8 pm
    Ticket: $16/ $20
    All Ages

    Yoshi's ticket

    August 17, 2009 in LA
    Line up:
    TsuShiMaMiRe/ Red Bacteria Vacuum/ Omodaka+ 6%DOKIDOKI Shop girls
    Japan Girls Nite @The Roxy Theatre
    9009 Sunset Blvd.West Hollywood
    Open: 7 pm Start 8 pm
    tickets: $13/$15
    All Ages
    Roxy Box office: (310-278-9457)

    ticket master

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