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Common GodsA City of Walking Dead Gestern um 20:23
Common GodsSevered Tongue kostenloser Download Gestern um 20:18
Common GodsExtinction kostenloser Download Gestern um 20:15
Common GodsI Used To Pray kostenloser Download Gestern um 20:11
AquilusArboreal Sleep Gestern um 19:45
AquilusLatent Thistle Gestern um 19:40
AquilusIn Lands of Ashes Gestern um 19:26
AquilusSmokefall Gestern um 19:19
AquilusLoss Lieblingslied Gestern um 19:10
AquilusNihil Gestern um 18:56
MacbethHunde wollt ihr ewig leben Gestern um 14:36
MacbethAm Grab Gestern um 14:32
MacbethTotentanz Gestern um 14:32
MacbethMein kleiner Soldat Gestern um 14:32
MacbethMaikäfer Fliege Gestern um 14:31
MacbethGotteskrieger Gestern um 14:31
MacbethVater Gestern um 14:31
MacbethGolgatha Gestern um 14:31
MacbethDas Boot Gestern um 14:31
MacbethWithout You Gestern um 14:31
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Über mich

I like Iron Maiden too much.

I'm in bands! Check out the music if you have time:
Common Gods - Melodic Death Metal for fans of At the Gates, Edge of Sanity, Suidakra
Free EP available here!
Pyre of the Earth - Post-influenced Doom Metal with clean singing, for fans of Tool, Ufomammut, Russian Circles
Recordings coming soon.

I used to play bass in alternative-rock band skin teeth

I help organise the yearly underground metal festival North of the Wall, which next will take place on the 28th March 2015, in Glasgow. 2013's and 2014's events were two of the best things I've been part of, as a fan as much as an organiser, so this years should also be amazing.
I've also, under the NOTW name, compiled some of the best heavy Scottish bands for a free download, available here:
2014 edition just released!

Top Artists for the year:
2009: In Flames - Iron Maiden - Electric Wizard - 65daysofstatic - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2010: 65daysofstatic - Iron Maiden - Eluveitie - Biffy Clyro - Modest Mouse
2011: Radiohead - 65daysofstatic - Mogwai - Tool - A Perfect Circle
2012: Radiohead - Opeth - Mogwai - Led Zeppelin - Tool
2013: Summoning - Iron Maiden - Jackal-Headed Guard of the Dead - Opeth - Holocaust
2014: Summoning - Primordial - The Beatles - Rammstein - Harakiri for the Sky
2015: Rammstein - Summoning - Townes Van Zandt - Belenos - Adabroc (January)
Bands I got too obsessed with (after 2010)
Jan 2011-Jan 2012 Radiohead
July 2012-Sep 2012 Blind Guardian
Dec 2012-Jan 2013 Jackal-Headed Guard Of The Dead
Apr 2013-Aug 2013 Summoning
Dec 2013-May 2014 Primordial
June 2014-Aug 2014 The Beatles

not counting iron maiden ever because that is unfair
Bands I've seen more than once (that's 99/430)

I was at every single gig that Norderobring ever played. Aw, was.

Disaster Area


Norderobring, Maelstrom

Storm of Embers

Man Made Origin

Saxon, Rolo Tomassi, Amon Amarth

What the Blood Revealed, Farseer, Scordatura,
Trivium, Ménage à Trois, Winterlizard,
Exile the Traitor, Headless Kross

Alestorm, Napalm Death, Machine Head,
65daysofstatic, Achren,
Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan, Skindred,
How to Swim, DevilDriver, Falloch,
Maybeshewill, Thula Borah
Barshasketh, Toledo Steel,
Holocaust, Opeth, Iron Maiden,
Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta, Aye Aye
Buried Sleeper, Eluveitie
Watcher's Guard,


AC/DC, Flood of Red, Killswitch Engage,
In Flames, Modest Mouse, Evile,
Mastodon, Bleeding Through, Year Long Disaster,
Nedry, A Day To Remember, 36 Crazyfists,
Megadeth, Sucioperro, Rammstein,
Motley Crue, Skunk Anansie,
Pendulum, Fear Factory, Kellermensch,
This Will Destroy You, grnr, Sabaton,
Parkway Drive, All That Remains
Wolfsbane, Explosions in the Sky,
Suplex the Kid, Royal Republic,
Bring Me The Horizon, Kvelertak,
Animals as Leaders, 15 Times Dead,
Insomnium, Glacier, Alcest, Cemtex,
Diementia, Solstafir, Slash,
Mono Six, Monkey Puzzle, Arceye
Skiltron, Viking Galaxy,
Ancient Ascendant, Bleed from Within,
Jackal Headed Guard of the Dead
Darkest Era, Soulfly
Mourning Beloveth, Destroyer 666,
Electric Wizard, Deep Purple, Vreid
Behemoth, Black Sabbath
Of Spire & Throne, In Absence
Blaze Bayley, Disposable

Cool bands I've played with:
Ancient Ascendant
Toledo Steel
Opium Lord
Primitive Man
Jex Thoth
Here's a bunch of scottish doom metal. Tell me who I've missed.

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