• Anyone know this song? lyrics: "your song is sentimental"

    16. Apr. 2010, 7:05

    Heard this lovely song playing in Macy's today just as I was leaving. Female singer... I'm guessing it is a relatively new song. Happy, feel-good song. If I had to compare to an artist, it's reminiscent of Michelle Branch or Tristan Prettyman.

    Only part of the lyrics I remember clearly went something like "your song is sentimental, your song is (something-else-I-can't-remember)" Basically saying "your song" a lot.

    .... took note of these lyrics intending to google when I got home like I usually do, but no luck at all...

    DOES ANYONE KNOW THE TITLE/ARTIST OF THIS SONG? It would really make my day.

    thanks :)
  • Thank god for!

    20. Jan. 2007, 3:16

    My iTunes got all screwed up recently... lost all of my ratings, playlists ... basically any data related to the songs. I had to add all my videos and organize them all again, which was a pain.

    Thank god for so I can know what my *real* top tracks are and remember the names of songs I've been listening to lately.

    It seems kind of sad that I would need help to remember these kinds of things, but when you have 3000+ songs, you like to remember which ones you've actually been listening to!

    Moral of the story: rules.
  • Woah!

    1. Sep. 2006, 1:01

    Wooow. I haven't actually been to in a while but it seems to have been really spiffed up! I approve!

    That's what's great about this site, even if you don't visit or update your account all the time, well, it keeps it updated for you by posting all the music you're playing :)
  • Nada Surf

    19. Jan. 2006, 23:22

    I really love Nada Surf's album, The Weight is a Gift. One good thing about being slightly obsessed with One Tree Hill -- you find good new music!

    I really love their sound, and this album is so positive.

    I'm really starting to like I finally listened to enough songs to get it to list my music neighbors! heh. And I just used the radio station feature for the first time today. And now... the journal!

    And for those of you fellow website geeks who use WordPress, this is a really cool plugin for WordPress, to show your recently played tracks in your sidebar. It uses your account. Of course you could just use's code on your site, but I don't know... this is cool if you want to have more control of the format of the listing. If you're a dork, basically.