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Über mich

i love starry nights, the desert, candles, teacups, dark red lipstick, my cat, my australian shepherd mix, and spanish moss. i have a serious coffee addiction. i live in Seattle but my heart is in Austin, TX. i'm a major animal lover and my idea of a perfect day is ballet dancing and then some beers and trivia with my friends. i'm a big fan of turquoise jewelry, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, all things old-school goth, cowboy boots, toy aussies, New Orleans, and face-melting fiddle solos.

just call me the morbid ballerina cowgirl.

when it comes to music, i'm all about eclecticism... i like a little bit of everything, from punk-cabaret to zydeco to hard rock to riot grrrl... however, lately i've been particularly drawn to neo-indie-country, which is what my own music mirrors. i recorded my first album, "Hyper-Distilled" in April of 2009 and will be releasing it on iTunes sometime this summer. be sure to look for me on myspace at

see you on down the dusty trail.