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AtaxiaAnother 27. Aug. 2012
Cat PowerSea of Love 27. Aug. 2012
Bat for LashesTravelling Woman 27. Aug. 2012
FoalsHeavy Water 27. Aug. 2012
GlasserApply 27. Aug. 2012
John FruscianteEnough Of Me 27. Aug. 2012
GrimesCircumambient 27. Aug. 2012
InterpolNARC 27. Aug. 2012
2:54Creeping 27. Aug. 2012
St. VincentThe Party 27. Aug. 2012
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Über mich

I just wish you would wake up...

I'm Ashley. I'm an "experience junkie". I used to believe in solipsism - or the idea that only I am real in this existence. Everything exist because I do. You could believe it too, you know. No one could ever prove you wrong, hahaha! I am a humanitarian. I strive to be kind and true to all of you.

I enjoy:
writing poetry.
sharing ideas.
loving and being loved.
We should talk... you'll fall in love with me and I wont mind <3

^^^These artist (the 1st five actually) are like the salt of my life. For them, I am greatful.