• It's months in advance...but here's a list already of albums i'm considering for my…

    2. Okt. 2010, 22:00

    On Claws – I am Oak
    Applause – Balthazar
    Enter the Characters – Customs
    Steel City Trawler – Luke Doucet & The White Falcon
    Tommigun – Tommigun
    If I Had A Hi-Fi – Nada Surf
    Interpol – Interpol
    True Believer – Matthew Barber
    Marble Sounds – Nice Is Good
    Infinite Arms – Band Of Horses
    Better than Love – Hurts
    Travel iii – Future of Forestry
    Eckhardt - Big Blue Yonder
    Royksopp – Senior
    Attention Alpha – Palomine
    Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
  • Best of 2009 (a work in progress)

    27. Okt. 2009, 22:05

    It all neesd to be worked around and at the moment its just a draft where I'm putting down albums that have caught my ear (?) so to speak. I will make the official list at a later date.

    Albums (released in 2009)

    Absynthe Minded-Absynthe Minded
    The Broken Beats - You're Powerful, Beautiful and Extrodinary
    Alberta Cross - Broken Side Of Time
    Mando Diao - Give Me Fire
    Muse - The Resistance
    El Pino & The Volunteers - The Long Lost Art of Becoming Invisible
    Paolo Nutini - Sunny Side Up
    Backspacer - Pearl Jam
    The Madd - Are Pretty Quick
    Moss - Never Be Scared/Don't Be A Hero
    Air - Love 2
    C-mon & Kypski - We Are Square
    Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
    Heartbeat Radio - Sondre Lerche
    Wilco - Wilco
    White Lies - To Lose My Life
    Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
    The Whitest Boy Alive - Rules
    The Veils - Sun Gangs
    (sorry Anja that I forgot, cant believe I did!) Storybox - You Can Be Replaced
  • My top 15 artists on

    17. Dez. 2008, 21:37 got it a little wrong, so I simply skipped out those who I felt should rightfull not be in the top 15. For example Enrique (though I love him), I have never been in love with any of his songs, nor do I have a current favourite - its simply that I once listened to him alot in a few days excessively because I was in a wanting to dance and sing kind of a mood.

    What song did you hear first?
    What song made you fall in love with this band or artist?
    What song is your current fav?

    1. Cut Copy
    First song: Future
    Made you fall in love: Hearts On Fire
    Current Fav: Lights & Music

    2. Absynthe Minded
    First song: Plane Song
    Made you fall in love: Great Height
    Current Fav: I Like It When You're Sad/My Heroics, Part 1/Acquired Taste

    3. Tocotronic
    First song: Pure Vernunft,Darf Niemals Siegen
    Made you fall in love: Pure Vernunft, Darf Niemals Siegen
    Current Fav: Let There Be Rock

    4. Josh Ritter
    First song: Kathleen (heard when waiting for Josh Rouse to come on! :D)
    Made you fall in love: Girl In The War
    Current Fav: Lillian,Egypt

    5. Nada Surf
    First song: Popular
    Made you fall in love: Inside Of love
    Current Fav: See These Bones/All Is A Game

    6. Kathleen Edwards
    First song: Geez, I dont remember this one. Sorry.
    Made you fall in love: Injustica
    Current Fav: Probably also Injustica.

    7. K's Choice
    First song: Believe
    Made you fall in love: Not An Addict
    Current Fav: ???

    8. Voicst
    First song: Dazzled Kids (I think)
    Made you fall in love: The whole of A Tale Of Two Devils..I can't choose.
    Current Fav: Dazzled Kids/A Year And A Bit

    9. Ryan Adams
    First song: Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?
    Made you fall in love: To Be Young
    Current Fav: Evergreen

    10. Calexico
    First song: Alone Again, Or
    Made you fall in love: Ballard Of Cable Hogue
    Current Fav: Two Silver Trees/Victor Jara's Hands

    11. Daryll-Ann
    First song: Surely Justice
    Made you fall in love: April
    Current Fav: April/I Could Never Love You

    12. Wyatt
    First song: Black Chemistry
    Made you fall in love: Oh really, I dont remember either.
    Current Fav: Circle Of Salt

    13. Sondre Lerche
    First Song: Track You Down
    Made you fall in love: Two Way Monolouge
    Current Fav: Dead Passengers

    14. Neko Case
    First song: Hold On
    Made you fall in love: Deep Red Bells
    Current Fav: Thanks Alot (Neko Case & Her Boyfriends)

    15. Luke Doucet
    First song: Brother
    Made you fall in love: Broken
    Current Fav: Blood's Too Rich