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Hayley WestenraIn Trutina 30. Apr. 2012
Bella SonusGypsy 30. Apr. 2012
Sunday MunichDent 30. Apr. 2012
Michele McLaughlinNew Light 30. Apr. 2012
FaunSatyros Lieblingslied 30. Apr. 2012
Corner Stone CuesHorVall 30. Apr. 2012
Azam AliFrom Heaven To Dust Lieblingslied 30. Apr. 2012
BondSpeed Lieblingslied 30. Apr. 2012
The xxInfinity Lieblingslied 30. Apr. 2012
Vanessa-MaeDevil's Trill 30. Apr. 2012
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  • corwin7

    About Deleyaman : Hi there, I apologize for the possible spamming aspect of my message but looking at your playlist, you may know Deleyaman. If so, I wanted to let you know that this is the best time to support them and to show them our appreciation for their great work and music by visiting their page here You'll see their video presentation and the details on how you can help out and support them. If it's possible, please do your best to participate no matter how modest or small your part. The band needs each one of its listeners & fans to put this project together. They have imagined all sorts of special gifts in return for their fans participation. I also found out that they answer each participant personally by email. Thanks a lot ! - Eve

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