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    THE START OF SOMETHING GREAT! November 20, 2000
    By London Braithewaite

    Luis Miguel's career with the North American public can be classified into several different stages. They are marked by seminal album productions which had no precedent in his career up the point of their release. Three of these stages, which could arguably be called the most significant, are: the Pop/Adult Latin Contemporary (UN HOMBRE BUSCA UNA MUJER, 20 ANOS); music of the Goldern Era (the ROMANCE series); and the Live Concert Performance Recordings. AMERICA & EN VIVO ushered in the latter of these stages. It was the transitional release and format type that Luis Miguel would perfect on the two future releases of live recordings--the start of something great.

    I do not agree that the live recordings of LM are "all the same." Certainly, the three songs on this CD and the rest of his live repetoire, are never quite the same sampling of music. For one thing, HOMBRE BUSCA and 20 ANOS firmly established LM once and for all as a Pop icon and deft interpretor of modern ballads as well as the up-tempo compositions. He'd been a favoured performing artist for eight (yes, 8!) years on Latin American television and film prior to these two productions. But having recorded ROMANCE brought to him the honing of his indelible skill to a brilliant clarity and sharpness, a kind of vocal "high-fidelity." It can be best described as the kind of interpretation that Sinatra and Fitzgerald were famous for giving their master composers. Go back to these two artists' songbooks and you'll never quite accept anyone else's--thus much with LM. A subsequent and necessary effect of that work changed his perspective for the lyric: He had now grown into a vocal and emotional (i. e. interpretive) maturity. He could still nail a string of notes to the wall, but his became a more informed and skilled approach. It is perhaps the most remarkable development in all of his career. It took his live performance to a level of impeccable phrasing and timing that remains to this day. It is his ability to give every song he brings from the precision of the studio to the freshness and improvisation of the stage, making it seem like one is hearing a song from him for the first time. It comes from a settled confidence and centered strength, encouraging his audience to trust him on a new journey with a familiar and beloved lyric. Listen to "No Se Tu" from this title. Now listen to the same song from EL CONCIERTO. Yes, it is still the same old song...but it is yet sublime, heartbreaking, meticulously beautiful, this voyage taking you farther still
  • An Evening With Pat Metheny

    5. Okt. 2011, 0:06

    Sat 1 Oct – Pat Metheny

    In the short time I am a member of LASTFM...I have finally found a venue where I have the opportunity to randomly enjoy the sounds of Pat Metheny...One of my very good friends here introduced me to his "Music God" and may I say that was more than a great experience...and now I have had the opportunity to see him in person at the Pittsburgh Craftsman's Guild with bassist Larry Grenadier.....nothing short of a masterful musical experience!! He started off the evening with at least five songs, and used at least two different guitars as the music flowed throughout...eloquent and simply amazing to hear him in person...he is certainly the master! Completely mesmerized me, as the time just flew by...They began with five songs that were typical in one respect but Pat used a couple more different guitars, one of which is the soprano acoustic guitar.....his distinct sound, I think...

    But he saved the best for some of you may know...Pat designed a very unique way of making music...something called The Orchestrion ...... and to my delight...and surprise, he brought a kind of mini version of that to the Craftsman's Guild for this concert!! It was awesome...and in seconds if you closed your eyes and listened only, you would have thought he had his entire band right there with him...It was just awesome....he operated the unit with his feet as he played...I was completely was my first experience seeing Pat Metheny in any venue but certainly, it will not be my last!

    Obviously I would suggest that if given the opportunity to see him perform will be well worth your time and effort to do was a night to remember...and I will surely look forward to seeing him again.

    It was a pure delight to see Pat Metheny and bassist Larry Grenadier play in this format. I has minor doubts about how much I would appreciate this one since it was only the two of them...but let me be the first to admit I need not have been was a bevy of artistic moves and sounds from each of them, so very different and unique that I was mesmerized by their collaborating effort together!!

    He spoke briefly in between sets and shows his ability to connect with the audience and his appreciation..and to acknowledge Larry Grenadier's talents as well.....but also to explain what he was doing, much to my relief!! The second set was pure Pat...he played the 42 string Picasso...which was the most amazing surprise of them has such a beautiful and different sound...that room is perfectly designed acoustically for someone like could hear every note so clearly, and with no strain to define any of them.

    To be able to actually 'hear' the bassist is a true testament to the talents of Larry Grenadier...they usually seem to drown in the mix, but not was just incredible to know what you were hearing, with no effort, he made that base come alive!!

    Pat Metheny is an established artist who has proven time and again that his music will live on long after he is gone...a true testament to his talent...he has dedicated his his time to both his own music as well as those emerging artists and established veterans alike, helping them to reach their audience as well as realizing their own artistic visions.

    Throughout his career, Pat Metheny continues to re-define the genre by using new technology and evolving the improvisational and sonic potential of his instrument.
    He has won 18 Grammy Awards spread over four different categories....Best Rock Instrumental, Best Contemporary and Jazz Recording, Best Jazz Instrumental Solo, and Best Instrumental Composition.

    A night to remember....grounding and inspiring!!
  • Wes Montgomery on bass Guitar???

    5. Sep. 2011, 13:00

    Wes Montgomery : Body and Soul~~
    All my guitar loving friends...this is a bit rare for him...and so very well done!!
    Give a listen...I just put the video on LFM... accompanied by Victor Feldman: Sam Jones: and Louis Hayes...Excellent arrangement!

    1. Sep. 2011, 14:50

    Spiritual re-awakening is like the Light polishing the lenses on our glasses so we can finally see all that is already here.

    It is an amazing gift to have the Light re-focus your sight for you.
    Ever so gently the Light guides you to remember to see with your heart and
    when you start to look with your heart's eyes you see a wonderful world ~
    a world filled with so much beauty and so many blessings.

    All too often we only look with our physical eyes or listen with our physical ears.
    We miss so much of the world when we only see it from this perspective.
    But when we allow the Light to re-focus our vision and guide us to look with our heart ~ what we see can leave us breathless!

    Remember that Joy, happiness, beauty and abundance have always been here with us ~ it was just that we had to see it with our heart to know it in our heart.
    ~ Blessings
  • Living...

    1. Sep. 2011, 14:26

    There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all
    the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with
    people who make you laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the
    good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones
    who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling
    down is a part of life, getting back up is living."
  • Sounds & Emotions

    1. Sep. 2011, 12:06

    Music has been such an important part of my life...somehow, someway, I've always felt it so close to my heart, above and beyond every other, love, and life in general, included ....I come back...a respite for my musical soul...I often wonder what I would do without it! Thankfully it is not something I need to be concerned about! ...As I now watch Andrea Bocelli perform in Las tears flow...his voice is magical...the pleasure of watching the orchestra is also incredible inspiration...their talent is endless...each person there creating a palate of music being performed so beautifully! I so wish I could sing, or play piano...or both!

    Having said that...I am making a commitment..for learn also train my voice to be creative and come alive...the art of speaking different languages will follow...learning this will be a challenge but a necessary one...and something done for the sake of my music loving heart...and someday, hopefully...for the enjoyment for those I love, friends everywhere...and most important...for myself..

    As I have had the great pleasure of finding so many wonderful and interesting people here at Last.FM, while listening to so many different genres of music......I have also discovered many similar minds of music of many venues...Something I am learning of is the particular personal musical talents of some who have become friends of mine this has been the greatest surprise! Their talent brings excitement...maybe not everyone's particular taste...but wonderful just the same...looking forward to hearing many more of the musicians and vocalists here on LAST... It has been a pleasure and an interesting surprise to know it exists...and to have it come alive is awesome! And sharing...either their music, or a particular selection that they choose to what allows my time here to be so full of life and pleasure...welcome to all of certainly has been an adventure!! .

    These are the early stages of a remarkable journey I have had the pleasure of being a part of here...and look forward to so much more.....many thanks to everyone!! ♫♪♫