11. Nov. 2006, 14:36


I'm happy.

New sounds in the air. Angerbox is back, our new album - Superaro is out. Awesome. The sound quality is average, but it's a home made record... anyway, there are no "annoying" tracks, so don't panic. What i'm trying to say is that it's really hard and expensive to record in a proper studio here in Argentina (... ok, maybe it's not THAT expensive, but it's really hard for us to face such a challenge… at least if we talk about money….) Anyway, the most important thing is for all of you to know the songs. Give it a listen and you'll find that there are some nice tracks here. My favorites, Ode To A Friend and Like Heaven. Give it a listen, you'll find your own favs.

The album will be avaliable here for full download until Nov-30. After that, you'll see that free tracks will change as weeks go by.

And it seems that there are users who actually listen to Ariel Borgna (or my acoustic songs hahaha, whatever you may call it)

nah, really, i never thought my acoustic tracks were going to have such a recognition here... that actually gives me a lot of strength to start not only recording but also thinking about a full band playing the new songs, i think i might do this... (mmmm i'm not copying Cobson... am i? ☺)

[change of subject]
I've been listening to a lot of wonderful artists thanks to
[/change of subject]

A lot of beautiful songs . Sophie Nash got my whole attention with her beautiful vocals & melodies. My personal favorite. Also, The Subhuman's newest, Sorry Machine… stefanbreuer is back for good.

As usual, lots of love go to Cobson, Jean-Sébastien Décarie, Gribal and the coolest shit i've found in the last months, Cloon and Sauropodamorpha. I also recommend Ghost Trio and afar a bird, great stuff from Finland. If you're into Jeff Buckley you'll love them. Very good songs. I listen to them all the time.

There are many many other unsigned artists that all of you should listen to. The Milestone Corporation and Jim Offerman Band are wonderful. Check them out because they are totally worth it.

In fact, i've been listening and downloading free tracks from the unsigned artists, the starting artists and all the other unsigned groups i belong to… if i name all of them, this post will never end… there are at least 50 great artist that you should listen but i can't write about every single one of them, just check the groups i belong to and browse the artist connections… Rutger van Boetzelaer, Davenport, Edible-Rock, Scandaliz Vandalistz, Midnight Brown, The Chess Club Party, Lost Age Art, random_monkey, Triangle Theory, Scott Salsman, Sevish, Tectonic Fusion, Demand in Harmony, Stencil, BomberMan Awesome, Faded Motorway Cronies, Kier Bates, Sporsmaal2, Macadamia, Kilvo, Frozen Silence, Roomful of Emptiness, The Joint Conspiracy, Tom Peel, Magnetic Four, SK123, Sevish, Vinyl Stickons, Seven Sciences of Plenty, Metricks, Icebound, tailGate, Decline… and many many more…. they are all there…. bye.


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