Band i heard of in the Band Name Book!


30. Jun. 2011, 17:40

(posted on Facebook on 6/24/11)

Well it all started on June 22, when i was goin to the library with my grandma to get some books. there was this book that caught my eye.

So now that i have seen this book with its many names, im gonna give my personal review of each band that is listed so far that ive read.

Mott the Hoople is awesome.
Ookla the Mok is pretty good.
Kajagoogoo is OK.
Hoobastank, meh.
Jamiroquai is pretty interesting.
Fugazi is hardcore.
Chumbawumba is unique.
Oingo Boingo is probably good when ur relaxing.
Scritti Politti is..........meh, again.
The Rezillos,.....HATE THE SINGER'S VOICE!
Wang Chung is awesome!
Mungo Jerry is awesome at being a classic rock group.
The Mooney Suzuki is becoming one of my favorites! :D
Lacuna Coil is overrated.
Gonculator is actually pretty fun to listen to.
Lynyrd Skynyrd, of course, is ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!
moe. is......pleasant to the ear.
Marillion, in my perspective, is more of a on-again, off-again situation.
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult is splendid.
Bow Wow Wow, meh, for the third.
Pet Shop Boys, they're OK.
Be Your Own Pet, AMAZING!
Bubble Puppy, :3
that dog. is melodically average.
The Laughing Dogs, definitely becoming a favorite in the pop rock section.
Three Dog Night, AWESOME!!!!!!
The Dogs D'Amour, typical 80s hair band.
Dogs Die in Hot Cars, they're pretty good.
tvfordogs, soft yet minimal, lol.
Pitbull Daycare is an interesting mix of industrial and punk.
The Spaniels are nostalglic to the days of doo-wap. mouthed the words of "Goodnight, Sweetheart Goodnight" when first heard it.
Bloodhound Gang is lulzy.
Poi Dog Pondering is UGH!
The Korgis are amazing.
Temple of the Dog is a masterpiece.
The Meow Meows are cool.
Chainsaw Kittens are astounding!
Cat Power is a goddess of rock and pop. Almost like Fiona Apple and Florence from Florence + the Machine.
Switchblade Kittens,...........(they must die.)
Stray Cats are legendary.
Stiff Dead Cat is pretty cool.
Cats Don't Have Souls is pretty ok.
The Deadcats are typical.
Cats on Xtc is listenable.
Cat Butt is totally rockin, but why they picked that name, idk!
Cattywompus is pretty rockin!
Birchville Cat Motel is pretty drony. XD
Shower With Goats, ramblin'!!
The Mountain Goats[artist], pretty awesome indie folk group.
SuperHeavyGoatAss is heavy!

and last but not least (so far).....
Ram Jam is ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thnku and stayed tuned 4 more updates!


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