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Gaby den HeldGloria gestern Nachmittag
Gaby den Heldmaan 10. Mai., 23:35
Gaby den Heldmaan 10. Mai., 22:06
Gaby den Heldmaan 9. Mai., 22:23
Craig ArmstrongDust (feat. Jerry Burns) 9. Mai., 12:33
Depeche ModeEnjoy the Silence 7. Mai., 22:20
NicoJanitor of Lunacy Lieblingslied 7. Mai., 22:18
Purity RingBodyache 12. Mär., 20:39
Thievery CorporationDepth of My Soul (feat. Shana Halligan) 9. Mär., 23:07
Skip&DieSenorita 9. Mär., 23:03
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Über mich

How diverse the effect of music can be!
When you shut yourself it tells you nothing, if you open up yourself it tells you everything.
I think you can describe a person by listening to his or her music.
How a person eats, sleeps, dreams, walks, talks, thinks, has sex...

I'm a Dutch writer and last year I have finished my first novel: Charlie Dark. The story is about Ángel Flores who is tragically in love with Charlie Dark. Charlie was also the imaginary friend that he had as a child.The style of the novel is magical realistic. The tale that his mother once told him when he was a small boy is the basis for the delusions that slowly takes possession of him. The fairytale was about a boy who jumpes in an enchanted ditch and gets trapped in the underworld. The voice of his mother becomes weaker and weaker as the novel developes. The fairytale becomes more and more mature and gruesome.

In a spotless white shirt you are leaning against the balustrade of a Venetian bridge. Your inseparable white canvas bag slung over a shoulder. One leg up on the wall and the other on the ground. Your triumphant grin is unbearably congenial. I want to push you in the channel, and press you against me just in time and tear off those immaculate clothes from your desirable body. Open your bag and toss all your belongings into the water and finally throw your bag behind them. So you will have nothing more than your naked self and me.

Fragment(Dutch version):

Fragment (English version):

Now I'm working on my second novel. Working title: Maan (Moon)

Life can be happy or sad, but apart from that, there are so many things in life that are interesting, intriguing. Everything that attracts my attention I want to try out. I took dance lessons (modern, flamenco), I did theatre (mime), painted, wrote poetry and now I am writing a novel. I like things "larger than life." I hate routine but I like surprises. Enjoy life while you can.
I am an incorrigible optimistic melancholist. Sometimes I take things too seriously. But I never, ever lose my faith in the good and beautiful things in life. No matter what.

archangel9's top albums (quarter) 1. Röyksopp - Junior (52)
2. Leyla McCalla - Vari-Colored Songs (40)
3. Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid (36)
4. Chilly Gonzales - Ivory Tower (31)
5. Cloud Boat - Book of Hours (29)
6. Ajimal - Ajimal (28)7. Clark - Iradelphic (27)
8. Holidays Rule - Holidays Rule (26)9. Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE (24)
10. The Hidden Cameras - AGE (24)

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