• TksB

    respect, i heard that they're releasing a new album this summer, anyone who can confirm this rumour?

    20. Mai. 2006, 14:41
  • assmoney

    Great post, I read the whole thing :)

    20. Jun. 2006, 23:43
  • Peedu

    nice post

    25. Jun. 2006, 8:13
  • -Mak-

    Nice journal. Just one side point it's a boy not a girl in the samples on Liquid Swords. They are sampled from the film Shogun Assassin, which is parts of the Babycart series edited into one film.

    29. Aug. 2006, 16:46
  • TonzaAkaNinja

    Good read.. Wu Tang is hot!

    24. Dez. 2006, 21:48
  • mikeroach113

    Did you ever see the Daytona 500 music video? [youtube][/youtube]

    11. Jan. 2007, 18:33
  • mikeroach113


    11. Jan. 2007, 18:33
  • progjunky

    great blog. only one thing: you keep using the word simplistic to describe the rza's beats. this is the definition of simplistic: The tendency to oversimplify an issue or a problem by ignoring complexities or complications. i think you mean simple (not elaborate or artificial; plain; easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.) there's a subtle but significant difference between the two. thanks for this, it inspired me to listen to more wu-tang!

    21. Apr. 2008, 2:24
  • Zypraxa

    First verse of Triumph best Wu verse ever? Fuck I'm sick of reading that. It's nowhere near their best group song either. Beat is lame and pretentious, most of the verses are pretty weak. Inspectah Deck has WAY better verses on Hellz Wind Staff, Visionz, For Heavens Sake and Heaterz.

    1. Nov. 2010, 8:33
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