Slowdown Virginia - Dead Space


12. Nov. 2006, 16:39

Dead Space
God dammit!
Such a brilliant!

Have no words to describe the raw catchiness of these songs. Any Tim Kasher's fan must download Slowdown Virginia's cd immediately (I don't think that anyone have a chance to find this CD on the shelves of the local store) - it's a way way better than Cursive's debut Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes.

No need to say anything, it's just a bomb!

P.S. Last minute addition. This album is also recommended to all Power fans.


  • lagginswag

    buttt it has nothing to do with power.??

    8. Jun. 2007, 13:51
  • antenna

    Yes, nothing. Minor glitch :-)

    8. Jun. 2007, 14:13
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