• iTunes Alphabet Soup

    24. Apr. 2008, 7:49

    So I am currently in the midst of going through my entire iTunes library and am making some serious headway. I started in mid December and I am currently on M and it's the middle of April. Yuck. So much music, but as any good writing major knows the prize is in the process. So I continue my journey and any support, if necessary, would be gladly welcomed and appreciated.
  • Never

    24. Feb. 2007, 21:25

    Just a warning to put this out there:
    Never listen to Chad Frey.
    That man is pure evil.
    That is all.
  • Finally My First concert ever!

    19. Jul. 2006, 22:25

    Well it's official.
    Im going to a concert.
    My first ever and it better be damn good.
    I'm going to see Breaking Benjamin at the Vic theater in good old Chi-Town!!!
    HELL YES!!!
    I'm psyched.
    Their new album comes out the same day as the concert, so plans have been made to go out and purchase their new CD, the Diary of Jane August 8th and then head our skinny white asses down to the Vic for some good old rock n' roll.
    Anyone else going to see the show?
    Especially anyone from Chi-town?
    Anyways...the show shall kick ass!