Bands I have seen this month.


31. Mai. 2006, 8:05

I am very bored.

In chronological order, I saw the following artists perform this month. Scores reflect my enjoyment level rather than quality of performance!!1111!1

Scissors for Lefty (5/10)
The Fiery Furnaces (7/10)
Country Teasers (5/10)
Mark Pickerel (5/10)
Jon Wahl & The Amadans (I only saw about 1 minute)
The Drones (3/10)
Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee (7/10)
The Scientists (3/10)
Comets On Fire (8/10)
Services (2/10)
Hundred Eyes (5/10)
Celebration (7/10)
Magik Markers (8/10)
TV on the Radio (8/10)
Liars (9/10)
Bat for Lashes (7/10)
Metallic Falcons (6/10)
Jana Hunter (3/10)
Espers (7/10)
Vetiver (8/10)
Jandek (6/10)
Vashti Bunyan (8/10)
Devendra Banhart (10/10)
Mates of State (7/10)
The New Pornographers (9/10)
Lightning Bolt (8/10)
The Lilys (5/10)
Dead Meadow (5/10)
Mt Eerie/Microphones (7/10)
Broken Social Scene (7/10)
Dinosaur Jr (6/10)
Boredoms (9/10)
Dungen (5/10)
The Fiery Furnaces (again, but only for 2 minutes)
The Gossip (6/10)
Joanna Newsom (9/10)
Sleater-Kinney (6/10)
Lightning Bolt(again) (7/10)
Destroyer (6/10)
Elf Power (8/10)
Electrelane (7/10)
The Decemberists (only for a few minutes) (7/10)
The New Pornographers (again) (8/10)
The Shins (7/10)

I also had tickets for Metric with Komakino and The Suffrajets but I was too tired.


  • andradiowires

    It's the second time I've seen them; I just find them very boring and quite derivative. :/

    31. Mai. 2006, 9:42
  • ikhon

    one hell of a month, miss! im jealous as fuck of lightning bolt and boredoms.

    31. Mai. 2006, 18:25
  • cassian123

    Thats a heck of a lot of gigs!

    31. Mai. 2006, 19:03
  • Permafried

    I wish I could see a Boredoms or Lightning Bolt show.

    31. Mai. 2006, 20:43
  • dpollard

    very jealous of the liars. i couldn't find anyone who wanted to go to the show with me. what were the lilys like? i haven't seen kurt since the 'better can't make ...' days. he was off his lid crazy back then. old age and fatherhood slowed him down? in the last few weeks i've seen: The Constantines (9/10) Aimee Mann (7/10)

    19. Jun. 2006, 6:47
  • memorybabe79

    I didn't think Jandek actually played live shows. What was this like? Have you seen the documentary? It's mental.

    27. Jun. 2006, 20:59
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