Wantlist (mostly cassettes, a few vinyls and cds, and some misc. stuff)


26. Nov. 2011, 21:54

This list is very out of date, I will update it soon

I'm looking for the following items, message me if you want to work out a deal.
Top wants are in BOLD

Albino - s/t cassette (Romainian harsh noise artist that was also a part of Elu of the Nine)
Albino/Mania - split cassette
Alda - Demo 09
Anathema - They Die 7"
Ancestortooth/Hell - split cassette
El-Ahrairah - Rotted Roots cassette
Extraterrestrial - Electronic Fog cassette
Extraterrestrial – s/t cassette
The Funeral Pyre/Leech - The First Book of the Kings 7" (red vinyl)
Hjulinhjalmer - s/t cassette
Hoverkraft - Musik Fur Starports cassette or cdr
Leech - Against Leviathan! (First press w/ booklet, THIRD PRESSING FOUND)
Leech - s/t cassette (2008)
Mania - The Death of Birth cd
Seidr - Cortez the Killer cdr
Skagos - Litha MMIX cdr
Skagos - MIDI Tape
Skepticism - Towards My End 7"
Sleepwalker - demo 2010 cdr
Threnos - By Blood And By Earth (I know the chances of me ever seeing a physical copy of this are probably less than 0%, but might as well ask)
The Tom and Marty Band - Afraid to Go to Sleep cassette

Hell Ooregon), Kerker, Leech, Munn, Seidr, and Skagos

Shirts (L or XL):
Leech Tour '09 (also might be interested in other Leech shirts too, but I already have the '08 Tour shirt)



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