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Schau nach, was alle anderen als weird getaggt haben.

Singing SadieIf You Seek A Lady Getaggt Mittwoch Morgen
The Real Jamestrendsetter Lieblingslied Getaggt Montag Morgen
The ResidentsSmelly Tongues Getaggt letzte Woche
  maybe I'd be happier if I stabbed myself in the brain with a fork. James Call Getaggt letzten Monat
  Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies/Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7 (2 Titel)
Crawling With Tarts
Getaggt letzten Monat
  Hathaway Family Plot Getaggt Januar 2015
Twin FreaksDarkroom Getaggt Januar 2015
N.W.H. (Niggaz With Hats)I'm Just A Human Getaggt Dezember 2014
  mishap Crew Getaggt Dezember 2014
DevoSpeed Racer Getaggt Oktober 2014
  Only in America, Volume 2 (29 Titel)
Various Artists
Getaggt Oktober 2014
  Only In America (33 Titel)
Various Artists
Getaggt Oktober 2014
David ByrnePsycho Killer Lieblingslied Getaggt Oktober 2014
  1988: Sessions West 54th Street (9 Titel)
David Byrne
Getaggt Oktober 2014
Jon LajoieWTF Collective 3 Getaggt September 2014
Daniel JohnstonJust Like A Widow Getaggt September 2014
The New CreationSodom and Gomorrah Getaggt August 2014
  John Henry Demos (19 Titel)
They Might Be Giants
Getaggt August 2014
  At Large (14 Titel)
They Might Be Giants
Getaggt August 2014
  Fragmentations, Prayers and Interjections (4 Titel)
John Zorn
Getaggt April 2014
Brian DewanMultiplex Organ Improvisation Getaggt November 2013
future funk entertainment projectEmerson and Adam's Drunken pizza delivery song Getaggt November 2013
  Dean Ween Getaggt November 2013 new songs daily! (10 Titel)
maybe I'd be happier if I stabbed myself in the brain with a fork. James Call
Getaggt November 2013
James Call![Redacted] Getaggt November 2013
Craig's BrotherChani Unplugged Getaggt Oktober 2013
The ResidentsInfant Tango Getaggt Oktober 2013
the SpoojLogic Problems Getaggt September 2013
the SpoojThe Streets Are Made Of Platinum Getaggt September 2013
the gomorransheadache Getaggt September 2013
Secret Chiefs 3Purple Pickle Eater (M-M-M-My Ariel Sharona) Getaggt August 2013
I hate myself but I hate you more... {James Call}Power of the Crystals Theme Getaggt August 2013
The Apes Of GodLove the Right Way: Perfect Strangers Get Along Perfectly Getaggt August 2013
  Apes Of God Getaggt August 2013
I hate myself but I hate you more... {James Call}maiden america part 8 Getaggt Juli 2013
I love shopping malls!coochy gorilla Getaggt Juli 2013
the Spooj* The Day I Met Jay-Z * Getaggt Juli 2013
maybe I'd be happier if I stabbed myself in the brain with a fork. James CallThe Space Terrorists!! Getaggt Juli 2013
maybe I'd be happier if I stabbed myself in the brain with a fork. James CallThe Day I Met Jay-Z. Getaggt Juli 2013
I hate myself but I hate you more... {James Call}Logic Problems Getaggt Juni 2013
I love shopping malls!I LOVE THE NORTH-WEST! Getaggt Mai 2013
GreenthinkSluggo Ode de Purple Getaggt Mai 2013
GreenthinkAlexisanne (Greenthink) Getaggt Mai 2013
The Ass Baboons of VenusNipple Rocket Revenge Getaggt Mai 2013
the Ugliest Man in the Worldthe marijuanna song (fonsch mix) Getaggt Mai 2013
  Intersystems Getaggt Mai 2013
James CallCurling Iron Getaggt April 2013
the SpoojJacobi Jacuzzi Getaggt April 2013
  Carton Sonore Getaggt März 2013
  Better Than the Beatles (13 Titel)
Various Artists
Getaggt März 2013
German Cars Vs American HomesRitard Triangular Getaggt März 2013
Joe MeekGlob Waterfall Lieblingslied Getaggt März 2013
Fred WeinbergAnimosity Getaggt März 2013
  Star Trek: Original TV Series Sound Effects (69 Titel)
Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff & Joseph Sorokin
Getaggt Februar 2013
  Divin (8 Titel)
Getaggt Februar 2013
  Plays (8 Titel)
Getaggt Februar 2013
  ESAE (Everyone Sucks at Everything) (8 Titel)
Grip Grand
Getaggt Februar 2013
  further adventures of the mishap crew (19 Titel)
I love shopping malls!
Getaggt Januar 2013
the Dead HensonsI'm Between Getaggt Dezember 2012
Pope John Paul IIIBooze Getaggt Dezember 2012
Reaching QuietMother You're Long Gone Getaggt Dezember 2012
The Lonely IslandLazy Sunday (Album Version (Explicit)) Getaggt Dezember 2012
The Lonely IslandJapan Getaggt Dezember 2012
The Lonely IslandShy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde Getaggt Dezember 2012
The Missing TeensSpace Terrorists Getaggt Dezember 2012
  The Warner Bros. Album (39 Titel)
The Residents
Getaggt November 2012
  - - - - - - one in a million B sides - - - - - - (10 Titel)
James Call
Getaggt November 2012
James Kochalka SuperstarThe Bus Stop Song Getaggt Oktober 2012
PlasticsCopy Getaggt August 2012
  Emil Richards Getaggt August 2012
They Might Be Giants13 Getaggt Mai 2012
  Then: The Earlier Years (69 Titel)
They Might Be Giants
Getaggt Mai 2012
The ResidentsSwastikas On Parade Getaggt Mai 2012
RasputinaHumankind, as the Sailor Getaggt April 2012
  Dirty Projectors + David Byrne Getaggt April 2012
Reaching QuietCabin Pressure Lieblingslied Getaggt April 2012
BusdriverUnemployed Black Astronaut (Nobody Remix) Getaggt April 2012
Brian DewanGraffiti Ditty Getaggt März 2012
BeckMixed Bizzness Getaggt März 2012
The ResidentsBoots Getaggt März 2012
BeckAphid Manure Heist Getaggt Februar 2012
Beck000.000 Getaggt Februar 2012
MC Chris006 Getaggt Februar 2012
James Kochalka SuperstarHey, Ronald Reagan Getaggt Januar 2012
Neil Patrick HarrisThe Ballad of Czolgosz Getaggt Januar 2012
SparksDick Around Getaggt Januar 2012
DevoButtered Beauties Getaggt Januar 2012
People who don't recycle should be brutally beaten. James CallPlaying Politics Getaggt Dezember 2011
They Might Be GiantsSpider Getaggt Dezember 2011
Dame DarcyIndigo Getaggt November 2011
The ResidentsLizard Lady Getaggt November 2011
James CallI can't go for that Getaggt November 2011
James CallTag Along Lieblingslied Getaggt November 2011
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiza bastard's waltz Getaggt November 2011
  the Mishap Crew Getaggt November 2011
  Power of the Crystals soundtrack (6 Titel)
James Call
Getaggt Oktober 2011
  Trekkies 2 (35 Titel)
Various Artists
Getaggt Oktober 2011
SparksB.C. Getaggt Oktober 2011
  On (4 Titel)
Aphex Twin
Getaggt Oktober 2011
if you can't bring any beauty into the world, the next best thing is to show…cliché (original version) Getaggt Oktober 2011