• another long boring post

    12. Jul. 2009, 16:43

    never thought i'd write another entry so soon. bought a bunch of tracks, albums/ep's the other day on itunes. lots of good stuff so it was hard for me to resist. finally got that Skream! album i wanted. had other tracks queued up in the shopping cart waiting to be bought, like Sunshine (Nitrous Oxide Remix) by Alex M.O.R.P.H.. forgot where i first heard it. maybe it was one of the shows on it's one of the most uplifting works of trance i've heard in a while. judging by the description of the artist on this site, he's good for that. another album i got was Random Album Title by deadmau5. saying that it's awesome might be an understatement. i found this album while looking up Faxing Berlin in itunes. had originally heard the song on subsonic / live105. after hearing it for the first time i thought: 'it's got that adam k & soha sound to it'...thinking about the twilight track. was really relaxing and chill. there was an extended version of the song, but it was mixed down to 2-3 minutes on the cd. i can see why and deadmau5 had kept it short but sweet. keeping you coming back for more. besides, the extended version had a really long intro and outro. there was another track i heard on the show I Remember and some others. the sound is so warm and fuzzy, plus, the vocals and lyrics add another layer of emotion to it. there's so many ways to describe it, i don't even come close. it was so good i bought the ep too, which includes the radio edit and instrumental mix. too many other good tracks to mention here. the whole cd is worth it. upon adding that to the virtual shopping cart, itunes recommended the Move for Me ep. i knew i had heard this somewhere before and bought it just the same. definitely has that night time clubbing scene sound to it. yep, the lyrics and music video (got that too) sure does complement that. haley gibby is so hot in that vid! <3 good job kaskade and deadmau5, great collaboration. can't believe i didn't find this stuff sooner. it was all mid-late 2008 stuff. oh well, better later than never. while looking through Kaskade material, 4am piqued my interest. the vocals are so soothing. got the music vid to that as well. last on the list was 7 Seconds by Moonbeam. discovered it while listening to during late nites as usual with dj bax playing. the only other time i've heard of russian vocals was from ghost in the shell: stand alone complex. this track is sexy =p. it didn't look like they had a big budget for the music video but it was better than nothing. i'll be listening to all these for a while. if it sounds like i'm a itunes fanboy, i'm not. they just have a great electronic/dance selection. if they don't have it, then hopefully beatport will. might have missed a few more things to say...i'll just have to live with it if i find out.
  • am i really blogging!?

    20. Feb. 2009, 13:08

    i really should check the friend requests more often, i've had stuff in there from 2005! don't really come here often, once in a blue moon if i feel like it. updated my avatar some time ago cause the old one turned into a static image of a animated gif. just discovered this new sound called dubstep recently and i regret not having seriously listened to this sub-genre earlier. here's the dubstep wiki for those who want to get caught up on what it's about. the artists that really stand out from the rest are l-wiz and skream, but i have yet to find more artists like them. Dutch Flowerz and Midnight Request Line are just the best. it's really a fresh new sound and can be very calming and melodic or heavy and vibrant. this is really good coming out of the electronic music genre, like a breath of fresh air from listening to drum & bass, breakbeats or jungle. although i do admit i haven't been listening to those genres as of late and prefer liquid funk anyway. had found out about dubstep through the built in radio player in itunes and there sure is a lot of radio stations for electronic music. there's like a bunch of mixes and streams on i'm starting to slowly explore the trance tracks that i've missed out on these past years, namely The World Doesn't Know (Original Mix), Mike Shiver & Ash F Vocal Mix and Twilight (Original Mix). they're oldies, but goodies, some tracks are just timeless and there's nothing like great music to make you feel good to be alive. guess all this writing made up for the last 4 years since i've wrote a journal entry. it'll probably be another 4 years till i write again, lol =p. i'm just a lazy-ass person. i mean who really has time anymore between sleeping, watching tv, playing games on the xbox 360 and raiding in wow, hehe.
  • some new tunes

    30. Nov. 2005, 13:13

    just bought like 35 songs off of itunes. mostly chill-out, ambient, and downtempo stuff except for like one or two hip-hop songs and some trance. so i pretty much have like 324 songs total in all. signed the guestbook at somafm, about time i did it. logged into wow yesterday, had a pretty good chat with some buddies. hardly play anymore, account's still active though. just log in once in a while to see what's up. damn, i really have to stop staying up like this.