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Facial VisionFrozen Burritos kostenloser Download 24. Jun. 2010
La PulqueríaMil esqueletos al sol 24. Jun. 2010
Don RossBig Buck 24. Jun. 2010
Lara & ReyesLos Flamingos Lieblingslied 24. Jun. 2010
Robert MichaelsThe Christmas Song 24. Jun. 2010
Kaki KingJessica 24. Jun. 2010
ArmikGypsy Flame 24. Jun. 2010
Andy McKeeArt of Motion 24. Jun. 2010
Jesse CookRattle And Burn 24. Jun. 2010
Justin KingPhunkdified 24. Jun. 2010
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Über mich

Full-time law student. Full-time software company drone. Full-time music geek. Just here for music and, hopefully, a bit of chat. It wasn't until recently that I started wearing any kind of brown clothing. I was always (and only less so now) afraid of mis-matching the browns - brown shoes, brown belt, brown watch band, brown wallet, etc. If I wear brown shoes and a black belt, I feel really uncomfortable, kind of like I'm bad-stoned, and I want to go home. "Ridiculous," you might say. I'd agree. These days, I have a brown belt, a pair of brown shoes, and a brown watch that all match. My wallet? Still black, so I'm never truly at ease in brown. For a guy that doesn't really give a crap about much else, I sure am wrapped up in browns. The only other OCD-like symptom would be my compulsion to set my watches as accurately as I can. I've got one of those fancy-pants radio-clocks that are accurate within say one jillionth f a second every thirteen centuries. About twice a week, I'll reset all my watches to it. I set the clocks and watches of my friends. It's another example of how such an outwardly normal man like myself can be such a fruitcake deep down inside. I'm nice. I'm approximately 50% happy. I love love LOVE music.

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