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18. Jul. 2006, 16:20

I stole another quiz from Gray..

How it goes: Post your top artists, the first song you heard by them, the one that made you fall in love with them and your current favorite.

1. Belle and Sebastian
First song: You're Just a Baby
Fell in love with: She's Losing It
Current favourite: Legal Man

2. Camera Obscura
First song: Swimming Pool
Fell in love with: Eighties Fan
Current favourite: Let's Get Out of This Country

3. Pony Up!
First song: Shut Up and Kiss Me
Fell in love with: Marlon Brando's Laundromat
Current favourite: What's Free Is Yours

4. Tegan and Sara
First song: Where Does the Good Go?
Fell in love with: Take Me Anywhere
Current favourite: And Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)

5. Kings of Convenience
First song: I'd Rather Dance
Fell in love with: Homesick
Current favourite: I Don't Know What I Can Save You From

6. Minus the Bear
First song: Pachuca Sunrise
Fell in love with: Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!
Current favourite: this ain't a surfin' movie

7. The Robot Ate Me
First song: [track artist=the robot ate me]sugar & my rotted teeth

Fell in love with: Bad Feelings
Current favourite: Just One Girl

8. Acceptance
First song: Take Cover
Fell in love with: So Contagious
Current favourite: Permanent

9. The Shins
First song: Kissing the Lipless
Fell in love with: Caring Is Creepy
Current favourite: Young Pilgrims

10. The Promise Ring
First song: Nothing Feels Good
Fell in love with: B Is For Bethlehem
Current favourite: Wake Up April

11. Helen Love
First song: We Love You
Fell in love with: Does Your Heart Go Boom
Current favourite: we love you too

12. Architecture in Helsinki
First song: Wishbone
Fell in love with: The Owl's Go
Current favourite: It's Five

13. Be Your Own Pet
First song: Damn Damn Leash
Fell in love with: Bunk Trunk Skunk
Current favourite: Adventure

14. Metric
First song: Hardwire
Fell in love with: The Twist
Current favourite: Raw Sugar

15. Help She Can't Swim
First song: Knit One Pearl One
Fell in love with: Are You Feeling Fashionable
Currnt favourite: Yr the One


  • theambergambler

    Hello! What a nice idea. I like lists...but I'm not going to link all these, it takes too long! A bit like first, last and always... 1. The Monochrome Set First song: Jacob's Ladder Fell in love with: Jet Set Junta Current favourite: Letter From Viola 2. Orange Juice First song: Rip It Up Fell in love with: Blue Boy Current favourite: You Old Eccentric [Peel Session] 3. Television Personalities First song: Someone to Share My Life With Fell in love with: Three Wishes Current favourite: Whatever Gets You Thru the Night 4. Animals That Swim First song: Faded Glamour Fell in love with: Kitkats & Vinegar Current favourite: Chapel Market 5. The Fall First song: C.R.E.E.P. Fell in love with: Australians in Europe Current favourite: Just Step S'Ways 6. Felt First song: Ballad of the Band Fell in love with: Hours of Darkness Have Changed My Mind Current favourite: My Face is On Fire 7. Josef K First song: Radio Drill Time Fell in love with: Endless Soul Current favourite: The Missionary 8. June Brides First song: Just the Same Fell in love with: In The Rain Current favourite: Sick Tired and Drunk 9. The Orchids First song: It's Only Obvious Fell in love with: Blue Light Current favourite: What Will We Do Next 10. Saturday Looks Good To Me First song: The Girl's Distracted Fell in love with: Alcohol Current favourite: It Sounds Like They're In Love With You 11. Stockholm Monsters First song: Terror Fell in love with: Partyline [12] Current favourite: Lafayette 12. Hank First song: The Stomp of Sloth Fell in love with: Jimmy Falls Off Own Mountain Current favourite: Defreeze & Top Gal 13. Cocteau Twins First song: Pearly Dewdrops' Drops Fell in love with: Musette and Drums Current favourite: I Wear Your Ring 14. The Blue Aeroplanes First song: Lover & Confidante Fell in love with: Careful Boy Current favourite: Action Painting 15. The Brilliant Corners First song: Delilah Sands Fell in love with: Delilah Sands Current favourite: Oh! Sometimes the very first thing you hear turns out to be your favourite, never bettered, most adored. Two of mine for starters... Throwing Muses 'Cry Baby Cry' My Bloody Valentine 'Strawberry Wine' As I said, I like lists :)

    18. Jul. 2006, 19:27
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