a fusion of punk and metal thats not metalcore alternative metal alternative rock an interesting mix of post-hardcore-alt rock vocals with metalcore riffing but its… australian awesome ballad blackened metalcore blues blues n roots christian post-hardcore christian rock classic rock death-hop definitely not screamo defs not grindcore or screamo or power metal lol stupid ppl djent easy listening escape the fate extreme power metal fantastic breakdowns folk folk rock fuck those who tag this as emo funk rock gods groove metal groovecore guitar hero: warriors of rock guitar solo hard rock hardcore punk heavy metal indie industrial rock intro involves screaming but it is not even close to screamo jam legends math metal melodeath melodic death metal melodic deathcore melodic metal melodic metalcore melodic techdeath metal metalcore modern metal new prog not death metal u idiots not emo not fucking screamo not grindcore not hardcore idiots not indie not metalcore not screamo not screamo you bastards nu metal nu-metal nu-prog old school metal pop punk pop-punk pop-punk - post-hardcore post hardcore post-grunge post-hardcore power metal progressive metal progressive metalcore progressive post-hardcore progressive rock punk punk rock rapcore rock roots sad screaming but it is not even close to screamo sludge metal so much like escape the fate lol soft rock sound like something with numbers sounds like hinder southern hardcore stoner-core symphonic symphonic rock technical melodeath technical melodic death metal technical metalcore this is not emo you fucktards thrash metal waaaaay of screamo ppl are so stupid its sad