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15. Apr. 2012, 20:26

The last week or so has been somewhat epic: since last Saturday (07-April), I've been to seven nights of gigs, seeing 23 bands in the process. All of them are now reviewed and online, as follows:

Resistanz Festival - 07/08-April - review - covering Memmaker, Be My Enemy, Esa, Soman, Frozen Plasma, Nachtmahr, Grendel, Surgyn, Detroit Diesel, FGFC820, W.A.S.T.E., Straftanz, Ultraviolence, and Icon of Coil

Chelsea Wolfe - 09-April - review - covering Old Forest and Chelsea Wolfe

Monotreme Records 10th Anniversary - 10-April - review - covering Midas Fall and 65daysofstatic

Marion - 12-April - review - covering Exit Calm and Marion

Jägermeister Music Tour 2012 - 13-April - review - covering Therapy? and Skindred

We Come In Peace - 14-April - review - covering Laibach at the Tate Modern.

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  • midasfall

    Some nice words covering the Monotreme show there bud, but I think you got us confused with Reigns! We're quite noisy and not really post-rock :-) We'll be playing at the Underbelly next month, maybe see you there!

    15. Apr. 2012, 23:45
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