• metal and alcohol

    13. Sep. 2012, 2:30

    do you ever associate certain types of alcohol with your metal? usually if i do put an album on and take a seat to listen and have a drink i consume specific poisons depending on the music, my list goes like this

    folk metal - Jagermeister - No brainer here for me. If i got some good folk on, definately need some Jager and not just drink it, but stare at the bottle intently as the music is playing. The bottle itself, with its stag on the label staring back at me, the green tinge to the glass with the german writing stating where the distillery is. Since i am not bad ass enough to make my own mead, HERB LIQUOR sounds like a worthy alternative. I mean its made with like roots and stuff right? The twangs of those bows just get more resonating after each pour. Alas, I dont have a horn to drink out of tho.. yet

    black metal - Red Wine - Ever since I saw Metal: a Headbanger's Journey, and saw the bit on Gaahl, i knew that this was how I would alcoholically enhance my black metal experiences. Just some rouge in a wine glass, with some incense candles lit, and a small portable handheld fan with plastic blades to every now and then hit myself with. GRIM AS FUCK

    thrash metal- Cheap beer- Of course. the perfect fuel for a sick air guitar and headbanging on the couch session. and the cheaper the better. for my fellow canadians im talking pabst blue ribbon, or labbatt blue. or a bavarian pilsener. no lager tho. this isnt glam metal

    doom metal - scotch - doom metal, whether it be traditional/drone/funeral/stoner etc, is such a gentlemanly subgenre. whenever i have a track on i can totally picture having this in the background in one of those Wiser's commercials with a bunch of metalheads in suits with cigars. eating steak. so for me what gets me in the foreboding mood is a nice glass of scotch whiskey on the rocks. johnnny walker black label. glenfiddich.

    death metal - rye or american whiskey- on the other hand, death metal calls for some no nonsense rye whiskey. jack daniels straight up, pounding gulps of jim beans bourbon as you break your neck headbanging and throwing shit around in your room. CROWN ROYAL AND COKE.

    whats your drink??!?
  • Sunn O))) fucked my car up

    12. Sep. 2012, 4:13

    i been knee deep in this band . been slowly obtaining their discography piece by piece from southern lord. i got white2 the other day and put that motherfucker in my car. now my car has a decent car audio system, 360-watt infinity system with 10 speakers. plus i drive a 2 door sports car so 10 speakers is godly. and normally when i do listen to sunn o))) on cd in my ride i keep the volume at like 16 on a dial that has a max range of 35. well i was feeling brave because i heard how this is one of their heaviest albums. so i cranked that knob to 30 (not even max).. GODDAMN was that loud. woofers sounded like masturbating whales, my rear view mirror couldnt stop vibrating and i felt like i had to crap my pants. when the second track called bass aliens started some madness came over me where i decided to just turn it up all the way, it was great for a minute and then my speakers blew like ron jeremy. fucking awesome. this band is literally the heaviest band you will ever hear. you have been warned!!!!
  • *****

    5. Okt. 2010, 6:00

    Mon 4 Oct – Immolation, Vader, Abigail Williams, Pathology, Lecherous Nocturne

    fucking awesomeee

    my friends all staged dived during vader